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WWDC 2018 – everything you need to know about the Apple conference

WWDC 2018 Apple conference
WWDC 2018 Apple conference
An annual conference of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is starting today. Where to watch the presentation and what do we expect from this year’s edition?

Already today, a great celebration of all Apple enthusiasts is taking place – we are talking of course about WWDC, an annual conference on which the giant shares his plans for the coming months. Its first edition took place in 1989 and has changed since then … almost everything – with the absence of Steve Jobs at the forefront. This year, as in 2017, the event will take place in San Jose – and will last until next Thursday. And while on-site developers and Apple employees will exchange experiences and tricks related to the development of software for iOS and macOS. For those who can not be in place the most important part will be today’s presentation, where we will learn more about the new versions of both systems which, according to tradition, will hit our devices this autumn.

WWDC 2018: where to watch the presentation?

Keynote at WWDC 2018 will start at 19:00 Polish time – and everyone interested will be able to watch it live here. Remember, however, that without any problems you will be able to watch it on:

  • MacOS Sierra (or newer) in the Safari browser;
  • devices with iOS 10 (or later) in the Safari browser;
  • devices with Windows 10 in the Microsoft Edge browser;
  • Apple TV – from the second generation onwards (on the Apple Events channel).
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If you do not have access to any of the above configurations, thankfully not all is lost – the company ensures that the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers (supporting MSE, H.264, and AAC) should also cope with the above link.

WWDC conference 2018
WWDC conference 2018

WWDC 2018: what do we expect after this year’s edition?

As usual before the start – there is no shortage of rumors (as you know – all come only from certain sources;) about what the company will propose this time. And if these are confirmed, we will not hear much about the new products in Apple’s hardware portfolio – and the whole will focus on software. Recent reports mention even more powerful Siri, the expansion of the FaceTime application, a greater focus on augmented reality, news for Photos applications, improvements that make FaceID even better, as well as announcements of unified iOS and macOS applications.

And although it is said that we will not hear anything about the updating of devices (which should be louder until the second half of the year), I still hope that the rumors about the iPhone SE 2  are not just gossip.

WWDC 2018: summary of the most important information

Apple conference
Apple conference

iOS 12:

  • will be available on all devices where iOS 11 is available;
  • AR kit will wait for the new version as well as the Metrowerks system application;
  • sharing photos in iOS 12 with friends will be even easier;
  • Siri in the new version of the system will have comfortable shortcuts, thanks to which using it will be even easier;
  • system application updates: Stock Exchange, Books, and Apple News;
  • the new version of the system will receive grouped notifications;
  • Animoji is entering a new level – apart from the new heroes, there will also be … recognition of language movements;
  • new Add-ons will be available in the Camera app;
  • FaceTime will see group conversations;
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Everything you need to know about iOS 12.

what's new at the WWDC 2018 conference
what’s new at the WWDC 2018 conference

watchOS 5:

  • the new system will allow for sports rivalry between users;
  • automatic recognition of sports disciplines during physical activities;
  • on the watch, we will be able to use voice memos based on the classic walkie-talkie;
  • Siri shortcuts about which were said more in the iOS 12 section will also go to the watch;
  • in addition to music, the latest version of the system on watches will also allow you to listen to Podcasts;

tvOS 12:

  • Apple TV adapter will receive support for Dolby Atmos ;

macOS Mojave

  • the latest version of the system will be offered by Dark Mode – a dark interface variant;
  • on Apple’s desktops, we will be able to use the stack function, which will quickly segregate the file types and bring order to the home screen;
  • the system will get a new preview mode, which will allow us to display all the most important information;
  • the mode of taking screenshots will have new tools that allow for their express editing, as well as video recording;
  • macOS will present a package of new applications (including Apple News), as well as a completely refreshed view of the Mac App Store;
  • macOS Mojave will focus on security – the new API will receive more security, as well as increased protection for user tracking on the web.
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