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Women in the fitness world: good training, beautiful bodies

If it’s like you say, and women just train badly, senseless, and with too little load, why the hell they look so good? Check what you can learn from them. Yes, we know that these are good pictures, but try not to skip the text.

Women in fitness lights
Women in the fitness world

They are relatively new in this business. Before their first visit to the gym, they got their tongue out – but not among their buddies, but among real experts. They are more open, so they are not afraid of new or group training. They are able to look at their bodies from a broader perspective and see something more than biceps.Yes, gentlemen, we slept the moment when our girls became fitness experts, from whom we can learn. It is true that we are still squeezing more in absolute numbers, but they are more efficient, faster and stronger. And they look better. It’s time to ask the staffs to tell us how to train. We give them a voice.

Think globally

Stop thinking about just one lot of muscles at a time. Monday is Monday, the day between Sunday and Tuesday, not the day of the cage, you are sorry for the word – rams. After which, in any case, there is no continuation, because I am persuading you to focus on your feet on Tuesday, no way.

You were in the Middle Ages, to which you had hung the posters with Arnold over the bed in childhood. If you want to be bodybuilders, we ask you: waving these dumbbells and looking in the mirror, if it grows evenly. However, if you want to be simply versatile and your appearance is to be this side effect, put on peripheral training . And not just strength.

Include metabolic sessions in your plans and cardio. And do not get used to these plans so much – let me get carried away sometimes and when you see that someone is doing something nice with, for example, the Bosu ball, just take the example and grab the ball.

A bit of madness and improvisation will not hurt , we say to you, which – as you know – thanks to frequent visits to stores, improvisation is mastered to perfection. So work on all motoric features, not just strength and strength. Take an example from Gortat – check what exercises he performs in addition to the classic sit-ups.

Women in fitness lights
Women in the fitness world

Move your ass

We training women have such a shapely weave not only because you like it (well, we also do it). We just know that it is the real strength that comes from the hip ring. Look, silly, he’s kicking Ronaldo’s ball. Is she just using her legs? No, it consists of a shot, engaging the whole body, and the power – as well as the boxer – also takes from the buttocks.

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Therefore, grab the barbell, lean your back on the training bench, bend your legs in your knees and hips, and put your feet flat on the ground. We put the barbell on the hip and once, lift it up, firmly tightening the buttocks. Short pause and to the starting position. At the beginning, we recommend 4 sets of 10 repetitions with a 30-second break between the series.

And also remember that the buttocks are anatomically the largest muscles in the body (unless you’ve worked all your life on something else). The training of pupy means a bigger injection of testosterone, so you will grow all the better – to put it simply, as it is possible. We also like shaped butts.

For new products

Only barbell and barbell. Maybe a dumbbell , because it’s even more masculine. And have you heard about TRX? Yes … well, good. You certainly do not know what resistant rubber is. It’s a shame, because by practicing with them, you give me a constant tension, not even giving them a second to catch my breath.

Open up, gentlemen, please, for training novelties. We are foolish that we use the battle ropes more often, although this is fitness equipment straight from the American army. Or that we take medical balls, Bosu, Bulgarian bags or grab the Olympic rings. Fact, sometimes with a medium visual effect, but, quoting Nicholson from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, at least we try, right?

Not looking for applause, only better solutions, better form. So get out of your free weights and go for a minute, two to the functional training section. Maybe we’ll meet there. And there we’ll give you some training tips. Because we, unlike you, do not insist and we can admit that there is something that we do not know.

Women in fitness lights
Women in the fitness world

Collect yourself

And not only in defense of the patriarchate (good, average joke). Group training is really a great thing – an opportunity to burn extra, learn something new, just have fun. And these are also new challenges. You can easily do a squat with a barbell, which weighs twice as much as you do, but we bet everything that you will fall off in the middle of your pilates class. Or at the beginning of yoga.

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Meanwhile, dear gentlemen, how strong you really are, decide your weakest point. However, if the trampoline or pilates is too much for you, try maybe starting from more masculine activities. Boxing or mixed martial arts are also a good idea. We are told that a guy can defend us (but do not accost us, remember!).

Besides, it’s a great way to revise your thinking about yourself, and that’s always good. Boxing, like a pilates lesson, will show you that there is still much to do with this form of yours. A slight shake of the famous male self-confidence has not hurt anyone yet.

Warm up!

Do not forget about it, boys, although we know that it costs you very much a few minutes on the treadmill and a few swing-ups, shoulders, or a few paces with your legs.

We do not understand this, we do not approve of it, we evaluate it negatively. Start warming up, and you will get even more from each  workout. We hope that this almost financial argument will appeal to you. We will not think of a better one anymore.

Because it protects against injuries, everyone told you. Oh, after training, do not forget to stretch too well. This means faster regeneration, so you’ll be able to give more on your next workout. PRO-SI-WE!

Women in fitness lights
Women in the fitness world

Do more cardio

Our slender bodies, which you like so much, we owe not only strength training. We just reasonably combine them with cardio training. And basically we do not connect, because first we would have to separate them. During each visit to the fitness club, we do both, sometimes at the same time.

That whole CrossFit grabbed us, which is why in some boxes we are the majority of WODs (kumat in general, this slang?). The simple way has passed to metabolic training – yes, those are those during which you exercise with the weight, but intensely, almost without breaks, sweating mercilessly.

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It sounds like a slave, but in fat burning they are unbeatable. Ordinary cardio also gives advice (because it is not the case that suddenly all women in the world have decided to take the place that is theoretically intended for you). Rundka on a bicycle or cross trainer is a good idea – because, excuse me, it’s not just about doing mass in this whole game .

Just do it seriously, because the game is about something more than a flat stomach . Equally important is the improvement of the entire cardiovascular system – and you will not be able to handle it. Condition and muscular endurance (ha!) Will also be useful if you come to make purchases on the third floor.

Be active

If you think that after a hard day at work and yet this ragged hour for training, you can just bash on the couch and start the pleja, you’re wrong. You are good with maths, so please pay yourself. You exercise 3-5 hours a week. And how many weeks has hours? Exactly.

This means that you spend the rest of the time idly. Pard, if you read – that’s what we approve of, provided, of course, that we’re talking about decent literature, not some stupid things about gadgets. Worse, you’re just staring at these TVs, screens of tablets, laptops, PCs or cells .

Do you really have to look at every news you push a smartphone into? Because we, dear colleagues, have some time ago caught the bug about the 24-hour activity and imagine – it works. When you see how much life you spend sitting up until you are stupid.

And you will start to break out yourself, in the evening to do another round with your dog or just take us for a romantic walk. In the extreme version you will suggest one more training. We are prepared for it, because we have just wasted so much that it is certainly male nature that requires the competition mode to be included.

You want to show us what you can do, right? 

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