The Walk, a new mobile game that encourages us to walk

The Walk, a new mobile game that encourages us to walk
The Walk, a new mobile game that encourages us to walk

The creators of ” Zombies, Run! “, The company Six to Start, has launched an interesting game that encourages users to walk to unlock stories.

This is The Walk, a game realized with the collaboration of the NHS of the United Kingdom and the Department of Health of the region, since it encourages users not to stop, to walk as much as they can, reaching as many steps as necessary to travel the UK.

The Walk connects to Google Fit to follow the steps. It is a game in which a bomb has detonated in a station and we have to move a mysterious package that could save the world. The story unlocks with the steps, being necessary to stay ahead of our persecutors. The main story takes place with 500 miles of walking, about 800 km, but it is possible to take detours to collect secret items.

They comment on androidpolice that each episode has a structure based on a series of control points, each unlocking a little more of the audio story. There are 65 episodes and more than 800 audio minutes to unlock, so we can also train English.

We can save the story to listen to it later or play it while we walk. The first four episodes are free, but you have to pay $ 5 to continue playing the game completely unlocked.

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