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Waggit smart dog collar to control the health of our pet

Waggit smart dog collar
Waggit smart dog collar

Crowdfunding platforms often help create the most eye-catching gadgets. In particular, the sector of devices dedicated to the care of the pets is generally well received. Waggit is currently collecting funds for Waggit smart dog collar, a necklace with which to control the health of our pet from the smartphone.

If we focus on Waggit’s smart pet collar potential, the device collects all sorts of data throughout the day. In particular, Waggit allows us to be aware of aspects such as body temperature, breathing, vital signs, body positions, quality of sleep … And not only that, we can also use it to find out the location of our pet thanks to GPS technology incorporated.

In addition to the above, the necklace is able to keep a record of the calories burned, something that will allow us to get an idea of your need for activity. With daily data on the state of health of our four-legged partner, Waggit may send a notification when there is a noticeable change in his behavior, such as sleeping or breathing habits.

Taking into account the success of the campaign, it is clear that the interest in this type of devices is quite high. Specifically, Waggit has managed to raise more than 85,000 of the $ 25,000 initially requested. As for its price, it will be commercialized for 279 dollars and will be available from May 2018. We leave you with the video presentation:

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Link: Kickstarter.

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