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Useful Tips and Tricks for Whatsapp Group You Should Know

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

Whatsapp Group Chat is now a common feature for WhatsApp users who want to stay in touch with holiday, hotel or just distant friends.

Now there are not only one-to-one talks, but group chat has also become quite popular now. Along with that many new features are now available for group chat.

Maybe many of you may not know, but you can do a lot on group chat. Here are some tips and features for group chat on WhatsApp, which will definitely benefit you.

1) Group Descriptions:

This feature was launched in February so that users can add a description to additional groups in Group Name. This description appears below the group name. This feature is available under ‘Group Info’.

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

Not only the administrators, but any group member can write this description and it is open to everyone.

2) Check Message Read Status:

Similar to personal chat, you can also see Read Status in Group Messages.

To view message status, tap on the message sent long and tap the “i” icon in the top bar.

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

On the next screen, you will get the status of delivery

Whatsapp shows two types of delivery reports: Delivered to and Read by

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

As soon as the message is delivered to the members, their name pops up with the exact delivery time under Delivered to. If read receipts are turned on in their whitespace, their name will be moved from the Delivered label to Read by label, when it will read the message.

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3) Start a Private Conversation:

While in the group, you can send a private message to a group member.

To do this, tap on their name in the group chat.

Tap on the top three dot menu.

You will now see a pop-up with three options – Message, Voice Call, Video Call

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

Tap on the message to start private conversion.

4) Tag People:

You can tag someone’s name in group convergence.

This feature is useful for you, if you have muted any group, because someone tags you @ then you will get notifications of it.

To tag a person for this, just enter @ in the typing area.

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

Now Whatsapp will show the names of all group members. Tap on the name of the person you want to tag.

You can also tag people who are in the same group even though you have not edited them in your address book.

Once you have tagged the group member, now you can type messages to them.

5) Search Group Members:

You can easily search a particular member of the group using the search option in the group. In this you can get information about them, call them or send them a personal message. This feature makes these trucks faster than ever before.

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Along with this, this feature is very useful if you have more than 100 people in your Whitespace group and you want to find someone.

Open the group to search.

Tap on Group info from the top three dot menu

Now tap on the Magnifying Glass icon in the right side of the participants label below.

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

Now type the name of the member you want to search.

6) Mute Chats:

There is a time when you want to focus on your work and want peace of mind. Or perhaps, there is a group that is troubling you with so many messages.

In such a situation, if you leave that group, then you will not get the updates of that group and you do not want to do that.

In this case, you should use the mute option. When you mute a person or group, it means that you will not get any notifications when someone sends a message. Yes, the message will get you the message, but there will be no notification, popup, ringing or vibration.

To mute convergence, hold tap on that group for some time.

Now tap the top bar on the Mute button.

WhatsApp Group Tips Tricks Hindi

You also get 8 hours / 1week or 1 year options to stop notifications when mute.

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