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All trailers from the PlayStation conference on E3 2018 at one place

PlayStation conference on E3 2018 trailers
PlayStation conference on E3 2018 trailers

The Sony conference has opened the secret to the biggest hits on PlayStation: climate The Last of Us Part II, post-apocalyptic Death Stranding and the beautiful Ghost of Tsushima.

The players’ holiday is at its best. After the Microsoft conferences, Square Enix and Ubisoft, the time has come for the biggest announcements from Sony. Below you will find trailers of the most interesting games from the conference. I guarantee that you will sink in for longer.

Just Cause 4 – December 2018

The beginnings of the Just Cause series suggested that it would be the transfer of GTA to the tropical island. Today, we already know that the game has created its own subspecies – a spectacular cutout with an open world. If Michael Bay were to direct a title, it would just look like Just Cause. The iconic parachute and parachute returns, guaranteeing the main character a way out in one piece of extremely dangerous evolution.

The Last of Us Part II

Although the continuation of one of the loudest titles of the current generation of consoles does not yet have an official release date, it already makes an excellent impression. The trailer shows us quite a long sequence of stealth, effective melee combat and some shooting in post-apocalyptic realities.

Spider-Man – September 7

The new SpiderMan is coming fast. She will go to PS4 after the holidays. Meanwhile, the creators regaled the fans of Peter Parker with a short demo, which ends with a fight with as many as five bosses. Fans of swinging on spider webs should be satisfied.

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Death Stranding

Is this an Uber Eats simulator? No, because there are babies in the backpack, and the apocalyptic reality does not assume cannibalism. Though … Kojima or surprise. This time we have to get a solid portion of horror from him.

Ghost of Tsushima  – 2019

Assassin’s Creed in Japan from the creators of inFamous? Do you need more to encourage you to get acquainted with this title? The strength of the game is to be great attention to detail and the balance between fighting and sneaking.

Twin Mirror – 2019

Is this the next part of Alan Wake? Not this time, although the similarity is striking. In the game, we will play the 33-year-old Sam, who returns to his homeland. An idyllic return to the past, however, does not go smoothly, because a man wakes up next to his shirt – all in his blood. At this point, the intrigue begins, the solution of which will be known only in 2019.

Nioh 2

The life of a demon tamer is not littered with roses. As can be seen from the new Team Ninja trailer, we find in it more the skull of defeated enemies and blunted samurai swords. The premiere dates have not been reported yet.

Kingdom Hearts III – January 29, 2018

Fans of cartoon heroes are probably in seventh heaven. Their favorite heroes from Monsters and the company or the Land of Ice will cross the platform levels at the beginning of next year and fight with the hosts of exaggerated evil.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken – 4th September

The Destiny 2 expansion will bring players new weapons and game mode combining PvP and Player versus environment (PvE) elements. And this summer.

Days Gone – February 22, 2019

Post-apocalypse continued. Days Gone will show us that in a world without danger rules, we can expect from all sides. Eyes around the head. Lurking animals and unfriendly strangers lurk around.

Control – 2019

The creators of Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Max Payne are preparing a great return to the gaming halls. In Control, we are to control the protagonist’s actions, the biggest weapon of which are psychic abilities. Thanks to them, it can easily throw objects at enemies and overcome ever-changing locations.

Unravel Two – today

Nobody expected this release. On the three leading platforms, today hit a climate platformer, which in the hands of two players gives control rag dolls trailing the next, platformer levels.

Déraciné – 2018

The smallest advertisement is definitely Déraciné aiming at PlayStation VR. In the game, we will play a spirit that through interaction in the real world must make contact with students living in the dormitory. Although the idea itself seems to be “yawn …”, moving it to a virtual reality can be an interesting experiment.

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