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A tool for programmers to share files


Remco Verhoef is responsible for, a service for storage and distribution of files in the cloud that wants to give an alternative to programmers, those who do not want to use Dropbox, google drive and other options in the sector.

It is a file dump service that allows files to be sent through curl, in the command line, being stored there for 14 days (after that period all content is deleted).

The objective is to be able to offer a solution that uploads files in a simple way while we continue working in the command console, without having to interrupt the work to open external solutions. He created it when he felt the need to send registration data from an ssh shell with another person, so he made a program that uses the command line and modifies the file on the fly, like encrypting the contents, applying grep, etc.

The application has been made open source, and can be run on any person’s server. Verhoef does not promise security on its platform, so it recommends channeling files through gpg before uploading them. On the use, comment that there are already people who are using it to distribute malware, botnets and other malicious tools, but try to block it whenever possible.

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They do not have a business model, they have the site “as a courtesy”, as they indicated to TC , but they are already thinking of creating a store and increasing the amount of services offered.

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