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This tool should appear years ago. Facebook razors catch

This tool should appear years ago. Facebook razors catch
This tool should appear years ago. Facebook razors catch
For several years, when hardly anybody has kept the illusion of Facebook’s reasonable approach to the users, the service provider was not able to provide a tool that could easily control the third-party application permissions. It was enough that the scandal broke out, and Hacker Way decided to go to mind.

All you have to do is try to log into a certain Facebook service and give it certain rights on the social network. Once it can only be the ability to read the e-mail address and the simplest data – name, surname, age, sex and possibly phone number. However, there are applications that claim above-average extended rights. It is worth doing an overview of “add-ons” once in a while, which have access to information about our Facebook account – not only to make an order in them but also to avoid possible leakage of information.

So far, it was at least problematic. The settings screen that allowed it so far was not friendly for people who wanted to change permissions for many services. If you have a Facebook account for a few years, the application could have collected even about a hundred – disconnecting them from the social networking site is not at all convenient and ultimately can dissuade users from wanting to do order there.

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A scandal broke out and … Facebook decided to change it

Bravo! Nevertheless, consider my recognition as completely ironic, because you do not have to be a genius to see what is behind it. The secret is not that Facebook has recently experienced a strong image crisis, which in my opinion may even lead to a change in the position of CEO in the company. In a strange way, a more friendly form of management of third-party application rights appears just when the largest social network in the world is thundering wholesale.

Zobacz obraz na Twitterze
 The newer third-party application rights management mechanism allows you to quickly select many such items at once and their wholesale disconnection. Interestingly, this opportunity appeared not only in the Facebook version of the web but also in the mobile version. In addition, the service allows you to delete all posts that have been placed on the board by the external applications indicated by us.

Without the Cambridge Analytica affair, there would have been no changes

The Cambridge Analytica scandal in the background not only revealed dangerous practices on the site but also seriously damaged users’ trust in Facebook. As you can see, the crisis is so strong that Zuckerberg and its retinue are grabbing anything that can alleviate the somewhat unfavorable mood among people using the platform. However, I am of the opinion that the whole situation is unfortunately limited to a small group of people who are keenly interested in new technologies. Hence, Facebook should not feel this “scandal” in a special way and after a while, everything will return to normal (a pity).

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