Successful relationship – 6 features of a good partner

How can you check if the girl you meet with will not let you live with constant adventures and excuses? To find out, submit it to our test. Any of the 6 attempts that you fail to include, let it be an alarm bell for you.

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Successful relationship – 6 features of a good partner

Do not lose your vigilance at the beginning of the relationship, and you will not lose your nerves later.

If you are planning a longer relationship, remember that its advantages, even if fantastic, do not have to guarantee success. Check while it’s time for your girlfriend to have these six basic features that will make her an ideal partner for you for years to come. How to do it? advise:

1. Responsibility

The next time she gets into someone’s bumper in a traffic jam or spills her coffee on her knees pays attention to how she interprets the situation. It is a good prognosis if your partner does not blame yourself for her failures on everyone around her, but she can accept responsibility for what happens to her.

2. Patience

Listen to how he talks about his work. If it constantly gets tired, it gets boring quickly, it has many conflicts with colleagues, it should alarm you. Do not count on her changing to another person after work. Exactly the same features can complicate your relationship.

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3. Relations with other people

Take a shopping trip to the shopping gallery. It’s a great place to experiment because people get very irritated here very quickly. Watch then how he treats people – an inattentive saleswoman, a woman with a pram, who wedged the entrance, a mistress who accidentally hit her on the stairs. What you seek from her is forbearance and compassion for others.

4. Ability to adapt

Make an appointment with her for a romantic comedy and come for her with tickets for a sensational drama. You will check how he can handle the sudden change of plans. If it does not make problems, it’s great.

5. Flexibility

Suggest that you cook dinner with her. If it is waiting calmly for the effect of your actions, it’s good. If, on the other hand, he is standing over your head, wiping the countertop every now and then telling you how to cut a carrot, then think carefully. A good relationship requires accepting the fact that the partner has his own habits and methods of operation, and the constantly controlling partner turns a life into a nightmare.

6. Trust

Whether you can trust her, you check at the first party, watching if she is flirting after a few drinks with your buddies. However, we advise you to check if she is not jealous. Check if it’s not browsing your email and text messages. If it does, it is not a good sign.

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