Spy on "Hide It Pro" also known as Audio Manager vault
Spy on “Hide It Pro” also known as Audio Manager vault

Today, I will show you how one can spy or hack “Hide It Pro” Vault application and see all the hidden files with an ease. There are over 10 Million downloads in google play store for this application and approximately half of the people who downloaded it are using it as their safety vault.

In terms of features, I would say Hide it pro have great options for hiding photos, videos, documents and even messages. There are actually lots of high-end features that one can use, But there is one trick that I have been using since years and would love to share it with you so that you can Hide Your important document safely.

First I will show you how you can spy and then will tell you how to secure it like a pro.

How to Spy on Hide It Pro application with three simple steps.

1. To make this Trick work you have to make sure that Hide it pro application is installed on your victim phone.

This application has a great feature to overlay another application on the real hide it pro application: Audio Manager, or Currency Converter etc. So, you might find it hard on finding the application on victim phone.

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Well, Don’t Worry, I have a solution for that too.

BANG ON. These are all the hidden files from the victim phone without knowing their password.

Now, if you are also using the same application on your phone to hide your important files, use the precautions given below:

Install an app locker application from play store and lock the following applications:
1. Hide it Pro.
2. App Uninstaller
3. File Manager
4. Google play store

If any of the above apps are not locked there are still ways to get into your important files.

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