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Snapchat deploys new filters based on objects and existing places in photographs


Snapchat has no choice but to reinvent itself to keep its current users and, by the way, try to get new users along the way. Although from Snap Inc are going to make a complete redesign of Snapchat application to try to approach people of adult ages , for which the design has been rethought to make it easy for people of those ages, whose launch is planned for the next weeks, before has quietly launched a series of filters based on the recognition of objects in the images .

These filters will suggest different types of relevant graphics so that they can be added to the publications based on the objects and places existing in the photographic captures made. They will appear on the filter carousel once the capture has been made. The categories supported are for the moment pets, sports and food, although they will also recognize types of specific places, such as concert venues and beaches.

Image Credit: Mashable

Image Credit: Mashable

The launch of these filters began in the middle of the last week to be gradually unfolding to all users since then, according to Mashable, including the confirmation made by a spokesperson of Snap Inc.

In addition, according to the aforementioned publication, the filter carousel offered intelligent filters that showed things such as time, temperature or speed. Well, these filters now become creative tools in the form of stickers.

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Note that from Snapchat already had functions based on the identification of objects in the images. In this regard, already allowed the search of stories based on specific objects as keywords or searches through the reports.

We can only hope that the deployment is complete and that the new redesign with which Snapchat wants to conquer adult audiences.

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