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How to sell on Instagram in 5 easy steps

sell on Instagram in 5 easy steps
sell on Instagram in 5 easy steps

Instagram has served as a means of interaction among millions of people. Hundreds of them share publications and memes, but others focus on using this app as an indispensable tool to sell all kinds of products and services. Do you want to do the same?Then keep reading the following information!

Below you will find a couple of tricks to squeeze this social network and sell products of different kinds. From toys, clothes and food, to purses, lenses, mobiles and more.

Change the personal profile to business profile

Instagram profile

The first step you must do is change your profile to that of companies. This is done by entering Instagram> Profile> Options> Change to the company profile and pressing on the Continue item. This type of profile offers you different advantages :

• You will have access to metrics that show the interaction with your followers.

• You will be able to know in what state the behavior of your followers is.

• Instagram’s algorithm gives you greater benefits.

• You can promote publications to be visualized even more.

• You can place a contact button so that customers have the possibility to write or call you at any time.

Create publications with catalog style and show all the characteristics of the product or service

Publication with several photos on Instagram

Take advantage of the option to launch up to 10 images in a single publication. But do not focus on using them all if it is not necessary, because with a couple of good photos you can catch the attention of the follower to see the description of what you are selling. More than a salesman, you must become an informant who only wants to show the client the qualities of what he is offering . There, at that moment, the user will see you as a person and not as a pure trained robot to sell.

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Use the stories to encourage the purchase of products

Stories are gaining ground if they are used strategically. For example, publishing a couple of stories a day of a product or service can make the user click to see more information because you are attracted to a photo or text that does not come out every time. After this, you have to let him know the strengths of what you are selling, why it differs from the competition, the good reputation of previous customers and the price that makes it competitive to other brands.

Make your followers feel more attracted to the brand by seeing the way you work

It is not always about publishing stories and videos about the methods you use to bring something to life. It is only about making followers that the workers of the company are ordinary people, which strive to bring a good service or product to the client. Good management, human resources and good professionalism must prevail every day .

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: Quality and not quantity!

The originality, be creative and prioritize quality and not quantity in a sale, can make your brand stand out from the others and establish yourself in the digital market as a reliable, charismatic company and without being one of the bunch.

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We have spoken of countless times, so it is better to sell few units of a product that is really worthwhile and that can be expanded by the good comments of satisfied customers, that sell many units of something that after a few weeks already it will not go on sale as before due to its poor quality.

We are sure that your company will take a 180 degree turn after putting these tips into practice to sell on Instagram. Follow each one to the letter and you will be surprised with the results.

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