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Secrets of women – what they do not tell us?


Sometimes we think that we know women, but nothing more wrong. Their secrets are more than sand grains in the desert. MH discovers the naked, exciting truth among others about her orgaźmie, jealousy in relationship, your quarrels and why she can not stand your friends.

woman, silence, sex

A woman who falls asleep every night and wakes up with you seems so close, safe and predictable. You know her habits, funny habits, you can disarm her or make her laugh. You know that he does not like his mother and that he is passionately watching the series “For good and for bad”, although he denied it in company, you noticed that in secret is the worst tabloids devoted to gossip about the life of stars. Surprise you.You’re wrong. She can give you body and soul, you can be the greatest love of her life, she may want to have six children with you, but do not count on her ever to know her. You’d be surprised how many things she’s hiding from you. And it is not about betrayal, as you might suppose. Our spy in the land of women reveals to us a mysterious world that you would normally not have access to.


My best friend knows everything about you

He knows how much you earn, who your previous girlfriend was and how foolishly you fooled on the name-day of your boss. Warning! She also knows what kind of lover you are and whether nature has lavished you generously. Unless of course there is something to be proud of. Because if not, then reality becomes a little colored. In the end, the idea is to make the friend a little jealous and not sympathize, right?

If sometimes you think that my friend is looking at you with a mysterious smile and looks like something about you, then know, dear, that this is not an illusion. She really knows. And never, never try to flirt with her. I’ll do it all at the latest the next day.


I am terribly jealous of your past

I would like to know everything, with the smallest details, about your former ones. On the other hand, when you start talking about London, I get crazy because you were there with Karolina. In your absence, I watch your photos from times when we did not know each other yet. I look at the girls who accompany you and compare with them. I wonder how you talked to them, how you embraced them, you kissed them, or did you do it the same way as with me. Is there something special between us?

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I do not know why I’m being tortured, but I can not resist. Tell me sometimes that this means nothing to you. Even if you were to lie, what’s wrong with you …


I’ve imagined sex with you dozens of times

Long before it happened. I waited for our first night, but I was terribly afraid that it would be worse than in my imagination. But it was good.

woman, silence, sex



When I fell in love with you, I completely lost my appetite

Normally I eat much more, let’s face it honestly – much too much. Before I met you, I was 7 kg heavier. Fortunately, you do not remember.


Do you remember when I first insisted on paying for myself?

If you let me then, you would lose a lot in my eyes.


I store all the emails I received from you

These at the beginning of our acquaintance. In addition, I showed them to my friends many times. I would like you to send me like that from time to time, for example once a day.


I was flirting with your best friend

I know, I know, but it was right at the beginning of our acquaintance. I just wanted you to see how successful I am. And that your friend will convince you how great I am.


I cried all night after our first serious quarrel

I said coolly something like that we do not fit together and I left. I wanted to call and turn everything off right away, but my ambition did not let me.


In fact, I’m not sorted out at all

I do not know why this is so, but I try to look at you like a woman who has everything under control. However, the whole truth about me betrays the inside of my purse.

woman, silence, sex


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I watch you urgently all the time, I want to know about you as much as possible

I wonder what you’re up to when you have a face or other. Hence all my questions: “What are you thinking about, darling?” Okay, I know it’s stupid myself, but if you do not tell me, how should I know?


I love to look in the morning when you shave or tie a tie

Then you are so masculine and exciting. It’s like mine, but it’s one leg in this professional world.


I review your texts sometimes

Not that I do not trust you, but you know, he’s not asleep. I do this for one reason: it seems to me that since you are so attractive to me, probably all women are flying to you.


From time to time, I provoke Your jealousy

After all, if I really flirted with a colleague from the office, I would have to be an idiot to tell you about it. But I do not like it much, you think you do not have to try anymore.


I spend much more than you think about cosmetics and clothes

You would not even want to know how much. And for your own mental health and the permanence of our relationship, do not try to find out.


I know perfectly well that you are looking at erotic sites

I just do not understand why you carefully hide it from me?

woman, silence, sex
woman, silence, sex



During our first night together, I did not have an orgasm

I just had to get used to you and feel that you really like me.


I do not quite share your raptures over my body

I would love to improve this and that.


My previous boy was also good in bed

But I do not miss him at all. Well, sometimes I will argue with you.


I do not like slippers

But I would like to be the absolute and unrivaled center of your world.


You are the center of my world

You do not have any doubts about it?


When I tell you I will be in 15 minutes

This means that for 15, no more than 20 minutes I will leave the house, get into a taxi and go as soon as I can to meet you.

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I do not like your cool college buddies

You do not see it because you are blind, like every guy, but they still judge me. I know this.


I hate bicycle trips

Instead of the expensive mountain bike you bought me, I would have preferred something much more feminine.

photo by James Peragine 2010 /

Your taste when it comes to a women’s wardrobe or handbags is far from my own

I appreciate your intentions, but you could consult me, eh? And listen carefully to what I say when we’re shopping. Often I say straight what I like and what is not, counting that the most in a few days I will get this dress or blouse from you as a gift.


You could lose some weight

I do not know how to tell you, but your stomach has grown.


At the school prom no one asked me to dance

I was a big nerd then and that’s why you will not find my high school photos anywhere. My current self-confidence is a mask, because I feel unattractive monster all the time. That is why I have never enough assurances on your part.


Foreplay is not what you do only in the first month of acquaintance

Remember it once and for all!


Sometimes I’m ashamed of you

You could already remember the names of well-known directors. And your favorite anecdote, which you always talk about at parties, does not make anyone laugh for a long time.


You do not have to be always polite in sex

I’ve really matured into harsher games. And I like to sometimes get spanked and sacrifice.


Do not ask me forever for what I want

Although I give the impression of a strong woman who is doing great in life, I dream that you sometimes take control. Decide for yourself what we do at the weekend, where we go on holiday. If I’m arguing with you, it’s not that you look like a beaten dog, but you want me to stand up. Be more firm in bed. Try to dominate me, I love such games.

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