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How to Restore iPhone contacts – step by step

How to Restore iPhone contacts - step by step
How to Restore iPhone contacts – step by step

Have you lost all your contacts on your iPhone? If you do not have backup, the situation is not interesting. What does not mean that it is hopeless – this article presents three methods of recovering lost or deleted contacts on the iPhone.

The methods we present work for most available Apple devices, including iPhone X / 8 (and 8 Plus) / 7 (and 7 Plus) / 6s (and 6s Plus) / 6 (and 6 Plus) / 5S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS. The entry was made in cooperation with Wondershare, the producer of dr. fone used to  recover data from the iPhone . And it is this application that will be a key tool for recovering lost contacts. To do this, download the dr fone application available on the App Store and the software for Windows or Mac available on the manufacturer’s website.


The easiest and least time-consuming way. However, it requires downloading the dr.fone mobile application .

Step 1. Scan the iPhone

Connect the device to the computer and open the program. In the software interface, you should see the “Start Scan” option starting the scanning process.

dr fone data recovery from iphone

Step 2. Restore iPhone contacts

After scanning, you will get a preview of the data to be recovered. Select “Contacts”, then select the contacts you would like to restore and click “Recover”.

recovery of iphone contacts


If you have a backup of data in iTunes and it contains necessary contacts, you can recover them in two ways.

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Method 1. Recovering contacts from iTunes using dr. fone

Step 1. Backup scan

We start as in the previous. After starting the program on your computer, and then selecting the option “Recover from iTunes Backup File”, a list of backup files should appear to our eyes. Select the one that applies to your device and press “Start Scan”.

dr fone data recovery

Step 2. Restore contacts

After a few seconds, all content from the backup file will be displayed in detail. All you have to do is select the data that interests you the most and click the “Recover” button. Recovered contacts can also be saved on the computer as an .xlsx, .html or .csv file.

recover iphone contacts from itunes

Method 2: Restore iPhone contacts directly from iTunes

Step 1. Secure your last backup

To do this, turn off automatic device synchronization. All you need to do is open iTunes, then go to “Settings” and then “Devices”.

Step 2. Restoring the backup

Connect the phone to the computer. Go back to “Devices”, select the iPhone backup file and click “Restore”. When the restore is complete, the iPhone will restart and all contacts in the backup will be restored.


If we have backup in the iCloud service, we can also restore lost contacts in this way. As with iTunes, we can do it in two ways. Using the dr.fone application has the advantage of allowing you to extract part of the backup from iCloud and recover only part of the data. Thanks to this, we do not need to restore the whole backup and reset the iPhone.

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Method 1: Recovering iPhone contacts with iCluoud with the help of dr. fone

Step 1. Log in to iCloud

Then run the program and select “Recover from iCloud Backup File” on the left side of the interface window, then log in to your iCloud account.

recovery of iphone contacts with icloud

Step 2. Select the appropriate file from the backup

After logging in to the iCloud service, the program will display a list of files which copies were made earlier in the iCloud service. To reach contacts, select the “Contacts” option.

dr fone data recovery from icloud

Step 3. Restore iPhone contacts

After completing the scanning process, dr.fone will display a list of all contacts from the copy. We can choose from those that we want to recover. Exported contacts can be saved as .xlsx, .html or .csv files.

Method 2: Restore contacts from iCloud (NOTE: This method may result in the removal of other data from the iPhone).

Step 1. Reset the device

Before restoring the backup with iCloud, we need to reset the iPhone. To do this, go to “Settings” <“General” <“Reset” <“Delete all content and settings”.

Step 2. Restore the backup

You will do this by going to “Configure your device”, then logging in to iCloud and selecting “Select backup”. Unfortunately, all data from the period between the last backup and its restoration will be lost.

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The text was created in cooperation with the Wondershare brand.

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