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Protect Your Data from Facebook with Firefox. See how

Protect Your Data from Facebook with Firefox. See how
Protect Your Data from Facebook with Firefox. See how
The Facebook affair in the background and the fire that arose from it were still not eliminated by Zuckerberg’s website. We already had an ostentatious “rage quity” by Elon Musk, from the platform it rose, among others WhatsApp, and now Mozilla has proposed a new solution that will protect users from tracking. One addition to the Firefox browser means you do not have to worry about the fact that Facebook knows too much about you.

Mozilla was the first to announce that it will offer a solution in its product that will allow you to bypass Facebook tracking. Everything is supposed to take place within the so-called “Facebook Container”, separated from the main tank, which will prevent Zuckerberg’s tracking by isolating activity outside of the browser. Therefore, it will not be possible to adequately target ads and other content for users.

This method is not revealing, but it is the first time that a browser manufacturer offers a solution that undermines the sense of Facebook’s existence. This one literally lives because we give him information about us. It is a pity that it was only on the occasion of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that people were interested in the background of how much data users gave to Zuckerberg, but also the scope of obtained information.


Firefox Facebook Container

Mozilla begins juggling with fear

It is impossible to hide that this step is associated with a wave of unfavorable comments towards Facebook. Mozilla admits that the solution was developed earlier. “Oddly enough” has been announced just now, when everyone is waiting for Zuckerberg’s satisfactory responses to the protection of users’ data. At this point, however, regardless of what Facebook publishes in this matter, the crisis is so strong that it can not be easily eliminated.

So Mozilla starts “fashion” among web browser manufacturers to download Facebook. These programs are still a popular method of browsing the Internet. It is worth knowing that we do not have to enter Facebook from the browser to be tracked. Social buttons, even on pornographic sites, can collect a lot of information about us – all you need to do is log in to the social network in this particular session. So if you were wondering “what the hell” is placed, among others on PornHub buttons with “likes” and “shares”, now you know what they are used for.

Facebook has a big problem. Even browser manufacturers now offer users solutions that allow them to bypass necessarily desirable privacy practices. I am absolutely sure that there will be much more of such acts of sabotage against the service – we are waiting for a response from Google, perhaps Microsoft. It can not be ruled out that smartphone makers will also join this fight, who can also offer clients solutions dedicated to avoiding tracking.

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