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Outdoor mobile games based on GPS part 1 – Fitness Fantasy

And what if you combine a fun and useful game with a fit life? It sounds somewhat like a fairy tale, but after a short, though big, Pokemon GO hit, you can presume it’s feasible.

I wouldlike to test and describe a few games on the Internet based on information from pedometers or GPS, and its form would motivate to further activity.

It will be important for me whether the game forces us to constantly move. With previous experience with Niantic productions, namely Pokemon GO and (much more mature) Ingress, I know that when you make up your luck and combinations, you can get a lot without leaving home, or taking a walk below 500m. Well, start with number 1.


It is a game that from the beginning interested me with its idea and simplicity in the base, which is based only on the pedometer.
This is an example of a typical RPG, in which we build our team of daredevils wandering strange lands full of even stranger creatures that should be pacified. To this end, we need, as in the RPG, to find the right combat tools and to beat the next levels of characters, increasing their strength and strength.


For the game, we need steps above all. It is them that, after taking into account the conversion factor, which can change depending on the acquired/purchased improvements, provides us with power. It is directly used to raising the levels of your character.

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The element necessary to improve and buy weapons, shields or attire is … money. Where do they come from, I do not know until the end, but every action in the game is rewarded with them. Thus, they quickly come and go away just as fast.


The game is free to download and for sure in the first phase of the game, any payments are completely unnecessary. I do not think that this will change with longer playing, because the advantages of the purchased account are the mainly quicker level acquisition. However, we will not find here a special “currency” impossible to obtain in a different way.

We are left with the cost of electricity, and therefore the battery consumption, which, depending on the source of information about the steps, consumes from values close to zero to moderate consumption. So we can choose Google Fit, Fitbit or pedometer built into the phone. The last option forces the application to run continuously in the background.
As a Samsung Gear S3 user, I do not understand the omission of an equally popular health monitoring application as mentioned. However, this can be circumvented by the Samsung Health sync application with Google Fit.


I like the fact that the application does not require me to run, but only to acquire the steps that we gradually gain while walking around the office, to the shop or while walking. The engine thus realized guarantees us little character development even during all-day lazing.

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In addition, we find in it everything that is needed for a successful title – animations, graphics, the ability to play with friends (soon).

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