OneDrive new feature play videos in the background
onedrive new feature play videos in the backgroundv

The OneDrive app for Windows 10   has a new version, which brings a series of new features that will enhance the user experience.

The new features improve the dynamics when playing the videos that we have stored in our OneDrive account. Finally, the app adds the possibility of playing videos in the background, allowing us to perform other tasks or use other applications while still playing the content.

Other details have also been taken into account, such as new controls to move easily through the videos when using the OneDrive player, with “Skip forward” and “Skip back”.

And of course, there are a series of keyboard shortcuts to further facilitate the process to users, such as Ctrl + B to go back 10 seconds, or Ctrl + F to advance 30 seconds of video playback.

It is an interesting update, considering that it is not an app dedicated to playing multimedia content, but that adds a plus because it allows us to consult our video files, without having to resort to third-party applications to facilitate the task.

Together with these developments, some bugs that caused instability to the app have been fixed.

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