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Do not guess how much Fortnite earned in April. I rubbed my eyes in surprise

Fortnite with a record
how much Fortnite earned in April
Over the last months, the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds phenomenon has been discussed above all. Meanwhile, the biggest winner in battle royale turns out to be Fortnite, who earns much money that the head is small.

Tracking the results of networked SuperData Research games revealed how much Fortnite earned in April, the colorful, candy battle royale game from the Epic Games studio. Here we must add that this mode was added later, initially the production put on a completely different play.

296 million in April

Yes, you read it well – Fortnite generated peaks of 300 million dollars in one month of this year alone. Of course, it’s all platforms on which the game is available. PCs, consoles, mobile – remember also that the title, regardless of the equipment, is free production – all the money appears only after micro-transactions.


In February this year, Fortnite could only boast “only” 126 million dollars, but it was also a significant step for Fortnite because that’s when the game chased away Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – which is not a free production.

I mentioned the basic differences between Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in a separate article. However, I will not pretend to be surprised by the great financial results of the game. Why?

First of all – it’s free production. Games, especially new ones, are not the cheapest and I understand perfectly that having a nice, refined production for which you do not have to pay, many players are not interested in normal titles and focus on this one free-to-play.

Secondly, Fortnite was greatly helped by the streams and youtube who even flooded their materials with both platforms. At one time, it was said that Epic Games is paying a lot of money for dedicating themselves to their production, which of course may not be true – but it would also partly explain the twitch boom for this production.

Thirdly – the game, unlike PUBG, is available on virtually all platforms. Of course, it’s about PlayStation 4, which has sold over 76 million copies and its users cannot play more realistic battle royals. With no choice, they go to Fortnite, which makes the game very popular there. It surprises, however, the lack of the Android version, this is expected to appear around this year’s holiday, that it will conquer 296 million.

Will Fortnite’s popularity ever pass away? For sure, for now, however, I speculate that the game will continue to grow, as well as the amounts generated by it. And then just fashion will come for other productions.

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