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A new iPhone with Dual SIM, the last thing that Apple needs to copy from Android

A new iPhone with Dual SIM, the last thing that Apple needs to copy from Android
A new iPhone with Dual SIM, the last thing that Apple needs to copy from Android

Apple (with the right delay) has already discovered large screens in smartphones, small frames around them, mobile payments and wireless charging. To copy from Android smartphones, it’s probably only the Dual SIM feature.

A dozen or so years ago, when I was working with one of the largest mobile operators in India, there were often questions about the availability of Dual SIM phones. Customers asked sellers, sellers asked managers, managers asked coordinators, coordinators asked directors … the answer was always negative.

I remember once one of the above-mentioned employees assured the others and swore that the operator would never introduce Dual SIM phones because he does not intend to sell the device to the customer on which he will be able to use the services of the competition.

And the representative of the Nokia brand has explained to me that the producer wants to live well with the operators – who are responsible for a significant part of the sales of his products – therefore he does not lead or does not plan to produce devices with two SIM cards. Just because you do not have to grapple with your strategic business partners.

That was a few years ago.

Today these words sound like a joke

Operators operating in India, not only that most have resigned from the use of SIM-locks, they also sell Dual SIM devices – supporting two SIM cards. And they sell it not under the counter, quietly or only for the initiated. You enter the T-Mobile website and the first thing you see is a huge banner with the Huawei P20 Pro, which is sold in the Dual SIM version. The same applies to top Samsung models – Galaxy S9 + in the Dual SIM version promoted at the very top of the Orange homepage.

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The manufacturers who went in Dual SIM, there is much more. In addition to Samsung and Huawei, there are also Nokia, LG, Xiaomi, Asus, Motorola, Lenovo, OnePlus and more exotic smartphones for Poles like Oppo and Vivo.

However, in the sets of Dual SIM smartphones, it’s vain to look for Apple devices. iPhones never had two SIM card slots. In this respect, the Cupertino company remained and still lags behind the competition.

Dual SIM ceased to be a burden

It is difficult to say why Apple avoided the use of two SIM cards in iPhones like a fire. The sales argument was probably not without significance – it is better to sell two iPhones to the client than one. However, there are markets – eg, Asian – where phones with two or more SIM cards are very popular. Apple avoiding such a solution in iPhones can close the path to acquiring new customers.

In the past, Dual SIM phones could be associated with a burden. This solution landed primarily in cheaper devices whose customers counted every penny. That is why they were used, among others in such a way that one card was used for calls and SMSs, and the other for the Internet. Customers combined two offers and used two operators alternately. Convenience brutally lost with the desire to save money.

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But Dual SIM is a feature not only for the amateurs of the Poznan savings. Many users use two numbers every day because … they have to. Somehow you have to combine a private number with a business or Polish with a foreign one. And then it’s harder for a better way than a good Dual SIM smartphone.

Dual SIM has ceased to be the domain of cheap and simple phones, and this function is without shame in the most expensive smartphones of the largest Android phone manufacturers. Apple ignoring people with the aforementioned needs at their own wishes sets themselves in a losing position and gives way to Samsung and Huawei, who for some time have been packing two SIM card slots for flagship smartphones.

Apple likes to sleep through revolutions

iPhones have changed a lot in the mobile phone market and we owe them existence and/or popularization of a whole range of useful solutions – from mobile applications stores, through the presence of fingerprint readers in phones,
to continue raising the bar on the field of cameras.

However, there are features and functions that Apple introduced to his phone with a considerable delay. Once it seemed that an iPhone with a larger screen would not be created anymore, and Apple would persist in all the time by 4 inches. The same was true for contactless payments, stereo speakers, water resistance or wireless charging.

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Finally, however, Apple buckled and – as never before – introduced solutions that have been present in the competition for many months, sometimes even years.

I would like to see similar traffic in the case of the Dual SIM function. I would like to be able to insert both my numbers into my iPhone.

Maybe this will happen. Bloomberg talked about this feature in the context of a new, larger iPhone. At this stage, however, it is difficult to speculate whether this information has a chance to find confirmation in reality.

However, I keep my fingers crossed for its truthfulness.

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