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How much water to drink in this hot weather? The whole truth about irrigation

Man consists of about 70% water. No wonder that when its level in the body drops, you feel it as if the power has dropped. Without food, it can last up to a month. Without water – under favorable conditions – maximum 7 days.

water, a bottle of waterphoto by Jamie Chung

1. Dewatering

During the day, normally we drink about a liter of water. However, in hot weather, especially during exertion, we can sweat even 0.5 liters per hour, and in extreme conditions even 2.5 liters per hour. About 0.3 liters of water is lost, exhaling steam, and we excrete from 1 to 2 liters in urine.

2. Irrigation

According to WHO recommendations, an adult male should drink about 3 liters of water a day. During the effort on hot days – up to 4.5 liters. This does not mean that you must necessarily pour three large bottles of mineral water into yourself. Remember that approximately 1/3 of the standard water demand you provide with food.

The best way to replenish fluids in the case of slight dehydration is isotonic drinks. If the patient has a disturbed consciousness, look for a doctor because it is better to give the patient a drip. You better eat nothing until you fill up the water because you need water to digest.

The level drops by …

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Already such a small drop may cause noticeable symptoms. You start to feel thirsty, your appetite decreases and your skin becomes dry.


In athletes, a loss of 4% water can result in a 50% drop in performance. In all of them, there are hot waves, faster heartbeats. The temperature rises and the pressure drops. Urine gets dark yellow. The head starts to ache, and sometimes dizziness and fainting can occur. Due to the disturbed electrolyte balance, you often get cramps in your muscles.


The situation is getting serious. You are getting drowsy, and the trembling of your limbs. The tongue is dry like a chip, saliva is practically fading.


There are convulsions, the tongue swells, and you have serious disturbances of consciousness. Delirium.

> 15%

This is the end.

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