Mozilla launches an Augmented Reality app for iOS
Mozilla launches an Augmented Reality app for iOS

Mozilla today presents its first augmented reality application, currently for iOS only, with the aim of making it easier for developers to create augmented reality apps using open web technologies, WebXR and Apple’s ARKit framework.

WebXR Viewer , already available in iTunes, has some example programs, where we can see objects floating in front of real scenarios focused with the camera of the mobile.

Mozilla wants to demonstrate what can be done with this technology, defending the WebXR standard proposed by the company so that programmers decide to bet on it when carrying out this type of project. What it does is extend the existing WebVR standard to reach augmented reality.

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While Apple is still betting with its ARKit, and Google with its ARCore, Mozilla does not want to be left behind in a technology increasingly present in our day to day, and the option of creating augmented reality experiences based on the browser is an interesting bet inside of the sector, as indicated in TNW .

To use WebXR you just have to have knowledge of JavaScript and use Firefox, which is why you can help web programmers get closer to Augmented Reality with projects that can also be executed from your mobile.

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