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How to Move Large Programs or Games on Other Drives

Steam Mover Move Program Games To Another Drive
Steam Mover Move Program Games To Another Drive

By default, all new programs and software are installed on the system drive, which is usually the C drive. With the passage of time, the C drive is flooded and you need further space for further installation. Because now you can not install any new tools or programs on your system.

So your hard drive space is very short, and now you can not install anything new on this drive. At that time, there are two ways in front of you either you delete the entire hard disk party and create a new C drive of more space or remove any previously installed programs or games and install it on another drive.

I know that both these paths are very hard for you and it’s time to waste time. That’s why I have brought you an easy and quick way today, from which you can shift any program or game installed on the default drive to another drive.

Steam Mover:

If your primary hard drive is getting out-of-space, then this is a great tool for transferring your multi-gigabyte steam game or program to other hard drives on your system.

Despite its name, Steam Mover is an awesome app that transfers any game or program to another hard drive and you can run it without reinstalling it.

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For this, it creates a symbolic link on the old location, so your computer thinks it’s on the same location-but that space-consuming data is actually on any other hard drive.

Note: Make sure your C drive is the NTFS format and not FAT32 format.


Download: SteamMover


Download a zip file of SteamMover, extract it and run it by clicking on its exe file.

Its main window will be in front of you. No installation required.

Select the folder location of your installed program, then you will be shown a list.

Now select the program you want to move to another drive and enter the alternate folder (where you are going to transfer it). And click the arrow at the bottom of the window.

A command prompt window will appear, and the command will change which will change the location of that particular folder.

After this process, remember that if it already has shortcuts on your desktop, then it will not work. So you have to go to the new location and put it back on the desktop again.


Last word:

Steam Mover is the perfect app for transferring large folders to any other drive easily.

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