Mosquitoes – 5 things that attracts them?

Fearing mosquito bites, you lubricate with ointments, reach for sprays and burn fires. Or maybe it’s enough not to lure them. See what turns the winged riders of the summer apocalypse.


Mosquitoes - 5 things that attracts them?
Mosquitoes – 5 things that attracts them?

In the fight against mosquitoes, the best weapon is knowledge.

1. Dirty legs

There is such a not very nice fragrant cheese, called the Limburg. Bacteria that feed on it also like your legs. And these bacteria attract mosquitoes. If you do not want to seem attractive to them, wash your feet and in summer wear sandals.

2. High cholesterol

“In some people, cholesterol is deposited mainly in the arteries, in others closer to the skin” – explained prof. Jerry Buttler, entomologist at the University of Florida. And cholesterol on the skin attracts mosquitoes. Conclusion: eat healthy and take a shower before going outside.

3. The smell of beer

Japanese scientists have found that mosquitoes preferred to land on people who drank only a small beer than those who quenched their thirst with other liquid.

4. Your breath

Some mosquito species can smell carbon dioxide from exhaled air from a distance of several dozen kilometers. It is difficult to refrain from breathing, but it is definitely worth not to overwork when they arrive. And rather, do not wave your hands. Mosquitoes scour the victims away from the distance, for a short distance they rather look for them – and the movement attracts them.

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5. Increased temperature

Mosquitoes have a good thermodetection system. Therefore, most often sit on women during ovulation, children and young guys

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