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Migraine Treatment, Migraine Symptoms, Headache, home remedies

The patient suffering from this disease has a very severe pain in the head. This pain occurs in one part of the head. This disease can be treated with natural medicine. Migraine Treatment.

Symptoms of Migraine:

  • Migraine can come with other diseases like nausea, colds, chronic constipation etc.
  • If women become disturbed by menstruation, due to this There may also be migraines.
  • Due to vision and other diseases in the eyes, migraines also occur.
  • A person with diarrhea and other weaknesses in the heart also leads to migraines. [19659004] As Migraines can be caused due to overuse of poor food.
  • Migraine may be due to excessive work, physical and mental stress, due to excessive use of medicines.

Natural remedies for migraine disease:

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  • A person should consume carbohydrane like-goat, cucumber, cabbage, carrot juice and coconut water. If possible, fasting should be done with it.
  • A large quantity of fruits, salads and sprouted food should be consumed.
  • The person should eat fenugreek, gallium, fig, amla, lemon, pomegranate, guava, apple, The orange and coriander should be eaten more.
  • Food related to bad habits such as late nights should be left to eat, not to eat at the time etc.
  • The person should avoid eating spicy food. Stale, canned and sweet must not be eaten too.
  • A person suffering from migraine should lick juice of basil leaves for a few days in the morning with honey. Licking juice of dough is also beneficial. Migraine will get benefits.
  • Due to the juice of peepal leaves given to the patient in the evening in the evening, the disease will recover in a few days.
  • The person should get a hot water snack. Migraine’s pain will be cured for a few days after this procedure.
  • Yoga can also be used to remove migraine pain. Meditation, respiration, yoga meditation, or pranayama everyday will get to see the difference. The disease will be cured within a few days.
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