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MCTs: The Secret Fat for Weight loss! Myth OR truth?


Hi Friends
Are you looking for a simple and natural alternative in terms of a dietary supplement for weight?If yes

Then MCTs are for you MCTs will only help you reduce weight furthermore, it will also help you reduce the abdominal obesity and inflammation and decreasing metabolic syndrome.
But before proceeding further with the health benefits of MCTs let’s first investigate:

What are MCTs?

In MCTs, the word MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which is a form of saturated fatty acid that’s why MCTs, also called “MCFAs”.

MCTs have numerous health benefits , ranging from improved cognitive function to healthy weight management

Although MCTs have many health benefits, yet

they are somehow missing from our diet because we have been led to believe that all forms of saturated fats are potentially harmful.

Weight loss Benefits of MCTs
MCTs: Secret fat for weight loss
But the recent researchers have given different evidence that many saturated fats specially MCTs are not harmful to our health. Now the question arises that

Why MCTs are so special with respect to other fatty acids?

Basically, all organic substances including Fats are made of a connected hydrogen and carbon atom chain, which is called their chemical structure

They are defined by virtue of their number of carbons which they contain in their chemical structure.

On the whole, we can say that chemical structure is the basic thing which differentiates between different chemical substances and decides their physical property as well.
So in the case of MCTs as well, the thing which MCTs special, With respect to other fatty acids, is their chemical structure, which makes MCTs differ from long-chain triglycerides and short-chain triglycerides as well.
Because, long-chain triglycerides (such as omega-3) have 13-21 carbons In their chemical structure, while Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) have 6-12 carbons in their chemical structure.
Compared to other fatty acids, this unique chemical structure allows for more body breaks and MCTs digests. to our liver where they are converted into energy By virtue of this action, MCTs help to boost our metabolism.

By virtue of MCT’s unique no carbons range (which is 6-12), they are further classified into four groups;
· 12 no. of carbons (C-12), also called lauric acid

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· 10 no of carbons (C-10), also called capric acid

· 8 no of carbons (C-8), also called caprylic acid [19659009] · 6 no of carbons (C-6), also called caproic acid

Although a general rule is, the shorter the carbon chain, it will be absorbed more easily.
But regardless of this fact, all four types of MCTs are beneficial for our overall health – especially for people who are suffering from mal-absorption, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease or gallbladder impairment.

Now question arises [19659015] How MCTs help in reducing weight?

Our body always follows a specific mechanism to digest all those macro-nutrients (such as fats, carbs, and proteins) and micronutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, etc.), which we eat via food.

In case of fats, this particular mechanism is such as:

When we eat Fats (which is macro-nutrient), then within our body these fats get mixed with the bile (which is released from our gallbladder) and further break-down by the pancreatic enzymes of our digestive system.
But in case of MCTs, our body is different from the behavior and this above mechanism, which is what our body normally do other types of fats (such as Long-Chain Triglycerides) by virtue of which MCTs do not require bile or pancreatic enzymes for its digestion.
According to the study published in the biotechnology center of the national information ( NCBI) replacement of Long-Chain Triglycerides with MCTs i n the diet could potentially induce modest reductions in body weight and composition without adversely affecting lipid profiles .

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Because Unlike long-chain triglycerides (LCT), MCTs breakdown in glycerol and MCFAs, and once they reach our intestine, they have our bloodstream in our intestinal membrane through diffuse and directly to our liver, which is in the form of fats in ketones.
Afterword’s liver then releases the ketones back into our bloodstream, where they are transported throughout our body They can even pass the blood The thermogenic effect of MCTs also shows a positive effect on our metabolism.

That’s why MCTs are easy-to-use energy for our body by using fat and also harmful micro-organisms (such as pathogenic bacteria, viruses) , fungi, and parasites) from our gut.

Many pieces of research have also supported the weight loss benefits of MCTs such as:

A human study conducted on overweight men demonstrated that MCTs consumption reduced food intake acutely in a glucagon-like peptide (GLP) -1, peptide YY (PYY) and insulin-independent pathway.

And another study shows that Consumption of MCT oil As part of a weight-loss plan improves weight loss compared with olive oil and thus can be successfully added to a weight-loss diet. Small changes in the quality of fat intake can, therefore, be useful to enhance weight loss.

Now question arises

How can we avail the benefits of MCTs in our daily diet? OR

Natural food sources of MCTs
Natural food sources of MCTs

What are the foods Sources of MCTs?

* The best food source of MCTs is coconut oil;

Approximately 62 to 65 percent of the fatty acids in coconut oil are MCTs.

* Palm Kernel Oil is also very high in MCTs and also has a similar saturated fat profile like Coconut Oil.

Note : Palm kernel oil should not be confused with Palm Oil which comes from the fruit pulp. Palm oil has a very different composition, Palm Oil has a very different composition to Palm Kernel Oil.

* MCTs can also be found in some other foods with saturated fats, including dairy products such as butter, butter, cheeses , milk, and full-fat yogurt etc. but especially those dairy products which come from grass-fed cows and grass-fed goats and sheep.


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. Bottom Line for MCTs:

In general for the good health and proper weight management, cooking with coconut oil (or palm) kernel oil, or grass-fed dairy products) is probably completely enough. But if you are seeking a weight-loss aid, you can also get special MCT oil (which is an extract of coconut or kernel oil or both and contents of MCT Oil contains medium chain fatty acids) For the full effect.


From the above discussion, we have got a brief idea about the fact that
How MCTs help in weight loss and proper weight management? [19659005] Studies have proved their amazing health benefits apart from Weight loss. You can very easily avail all the health benefits of MCTs by incorporating them in your daily diet via their whole food source.
You may also use MCT oil as well and taking MCT oil could have many benefits and very few risks.
So enjoy the health and weight loss benefits of MCTs and transform yourself into a more fit and healthy individual. [19659065] If you have any question or suggestion you can write it in the comment section or at [email protected] .

[19659003] Thanks
Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant


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