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How to make videos in slow motion on Android

App edit videos in slow motion
How to make videos in slow motion on Android

The super slow motion feature is a tool that is not available on all phones. However, with an application, we can enjoy this recording option to capture videos from another perspective and with great results.

In the absence of one, here you can see 3 of the best free apps for Android that have been designed so that we can record with our mobile in slow motion.



It is a fairly complete video editor that also offers the possibility to enjoy the slow motion function in any clip. In addition to having options such as sound effects, transitions, animated titles, musical effects and more, Videoshop offers the option of the fast camera and slow motion, so we can adjust the speed of the video according to how we want.

Today this app has more than 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.6, so you know that it is an excellent alternative to have the function of super slow motion in our Android.

Slow motion effect

Slow motion Video 2.0

As the name implies, it is a tool designed exclusively for editing videos in slow motion. The application allows you to choose the playback speed of the sequence in sports scenarios, in the kitchen, with aquatic effects, falling objects, among other things. Like the previous one, it has a good rating and is quite intuitive from start to finish. Edit your video and share it with your favorite social networks.

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Slow motion Video 2.0

And we finished the top 3 with Slow Motion Video 2.0. We speak of an improved version that has simple options to edit a video in slow motion. Here we can adjust the speed, see all the clips to super slow motion and also share the creations by the favorite applications.

If the above options have not captivated you, you can try this free tool for mobile with Android 4.1 and higher.


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