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Is Long Distance Relationship Hard? Here’s The Truth (That Nobody Says Out Loud)

is long distance relationship hardMay hurt to hear.

Is long distance relationship onerous? Well, as someone who’s in a long-distance relationship part of the year, and loves it, I am always curious how others deal with it. I feel if I were younger and had much less going on in my life, not seeing my husband for a bit of time would really wreak havoc on my nerves.

My first love and I have been only an hour apart, by car, and even that was too much to bear when I was 21. However, as a result of I am quite happy and independent, I almost welcome the alone time. I realize others probably do not feel the same.

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I asked the women how they felt about long-distance relationships. This is what they had to say.

1. It makes no sense.

“I never understood the idea of a ‘long-distance relationship.’ How will you be in a relationship with someone you never see? It is not sensible to me.” — Sarah, 29

2. If you aren’t physically close, you are in an open relationship.

“To me, a long-distance simply means open relationship. When you’re physically together, then you definitely are together. When you’re not, then you’re free to roam.” — Franny, 30

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3. It results in insecurity.

“I gave it a try in school. He used to be in Jersey City and I was in New Delhi, India. It involved a lot of yelling, crying, and accusations that the opposite wasn’t being trustworthy, which was based on zero proof, simply emotions. For sure, I’ll never do it again.” — Parul, 28

4. I don’t have enough trust to have an LDR.

“I’ve never met a person I could trust enough to do this. In all probability never will.” — Kate, 34

5. It will depend on how often you see each other.

“Well, are we apart 10 percent of the time or 80 percent of the time? The latter, no way; the former, I could deal with. Maybe.” — Jennifer, 30

6. It only works if it is short-term.

“It will depend on the distance and anticipated time apart. If it is a new relationship and the setting is ‘I am going to see you when I see you,’ or ‘I have no idea when I’ll see you,’ then no thanks. If it is one thing short-term than I could hack it with an end date. It is essential to me to have my partner in crime by my side.” — Jen, 35

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7. Distance complicates things.

“At first, it is fantastic, but only because my life was always Speedy, but distance is hard on a relationship. They cannot be there for you in times of want and vice versa. That wears on the heart after a while.” — Kelly, 43

8. It is simply not for me.

“I take a look at people who are in relationships with military personnel and I do not get how they can do it. If it was a nine-month tour of obligation once or twice, then fine. If it is for a lifetime, all that being apart, I’d rather not get involved.” — Carrie, 31

It isn’t straightforward being in a long-distance relationship, however watch the video below for tips on how one can make things last:

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