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Lists of users and user passwords that were hacked by famous websites

user passwords that were hacked

In the year 2014, among the technology companies affected by attacks due to the security breaches of their respective systems are Kickstarter and Bitly, in which the attackers have been able to have access to the database of users of both services.

All the information that they have been able to access now appears, a few years later, publicly through the Internet, exposing both usernames and passwords, although in this case, the passwords appear encrypted.

The Have I Been Pwned platform, which specializes in alerting users when their data has been compromised in those services that may have been affected by security problems, has obtained this information and cataloged it in its service, alerting affected users make use of their service.

As they clarify from Lifehacker , Now I Have Pwned has information on the more than 15 million affected accounts in both services. Point out that the platform will not disclose this information but will inform users if their accounts have been affected in some services by simply stating their email addresses.

With this, affected users should know that one of the things they should not do, and less if their accounts have been affected, is to use the same password, and less to use the same password in all those services they use.

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Those interested can go to Have I Been Pwned to find out if their data has been exposed in some security breaches of services that they use.

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