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After the last Facebook affair, it makes privacy settings easier

Facebook does not have a good run now – the last scandal from Cambridge Analytica has caused the company’s stock market to fall day by day. Now Facebook is trying to reflect and is updating the privacy, security and advertising settings. This is to allow users to quickly find and understand individual functions.

I guess hardly anyone has heard about the latest scandal with the world social giant in the lead role. This crisis began the revelations of American and British media that more than 50 million users were illegally used for commercial purposes by Cambridge Analytica. In response, many people have removed their accounts from the site – including Elon Musk with all major profiles belonging to his company. Now, Facebook wants to improve its image a bit and introduces users’ convenience in the field of personal data protection.


The most changes await users of mobile devices. The menu has been simplified significantly – so far it consisted of 20 different screens, now everything was designed so that the most important information was gathered in one place. On the computers, in the menu “Privacy options – shortcuts” there are explanations of how individual functions work. All this to educate users more about the protection of their privacy.


The new interface has also been provided with tools to view, download and possibly delete data about us collected by Mark Zuckerberg and his employees. The new menu allows you to easily remove content shared in the past.

As I mentioned at the beginning, many people in opposition to Facebook practice began to delete their accounts and company profiles. Does it make sense? From a business point of view – in my opinion – no. Facebook is an advertising giant and a place where we can reach our customers in a relatively cheap way and communicate with them. Social media has some risks and it is obvious – I do not approve of Zuckerberg’s behavior here, but insulting to a service that gives us so many possibilities, in my opinion, does not make the greatest sense.

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