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iOS 11.3 can block replacements of parts in your iPhone

Apple has accustomed us to actions that no other manufacturer could afford. They can be divided into visionary ones and those through which only the question mark and a few uncensional expressions are created in the head. Together with the 11.3 update, they threw into the oven.

About the company from Cupertino could write essays, still ignoring many important aspects. Certainly, they can not be accused of the lack of bold decisions that, as history shows, ended differently. Observing today’s world, it’s hard to imagine how it could look like without the first phone without the keyboard. Currently, the next generation of any manufacturer shows clearly the war for the highest screen size factor to the size of the device.

In this place, there will definitely be fighters making us aware that there was a phone with a touchscreen, fingerprint reader, etc. but let’s face it, without the proper premiere and charisma of Jobs, nothing would change.

In the last period, however, we can observe the steps that, despite the passage of time, have not received a positive resonance. Resignation from minijack, no transfer of files via Bluetooth, FaceID at the expense of a well-functioning reader or …


Yes, this is not a joke, although I would like it to be different. Immediately after installing update 11.3 (though some noticed changes in 11.0.3) many independent websites and users have noticed a bad touch in their iPhones. This complaint applies only to models repaired on non-original parts. You are looking for a reason in the touch chip, which apparently is not supported by the latest iOS software.

I would not see any problem in this case, because in the end why Apple would care for the interest (mostly Chinese) of parts suppliers for their phones, but not if the service and original parts are priced much above acceptable standards. Keep in mind that the screen used in all models except “X” is not particularly advanced. Against the competition of the 4.7 “LCD, small resolution and large frames for those times, it falls out rather poorly. However, the prices of parts do not reflect this difference.

At Apple’s place, being the second largest phone manufacturer in the world, I would probably do the same, knowing how much money is running out of the budget. As a conscious Apple user, however, I can not agree with the imposition of ideas for engineers once again, or worse, corporate accountants.

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