Instagram works on a feature to add friends with NAMETAG

Instagram works on a feature to add friends with the mobile camera
Instagram works on a feature to add friends with the mobile camera

For some time we have been seeing how on Instagram have been adopting some of the most striking and peculiar characteristics of Snapchat, its main competitor. Now, everything seems to indicate that Instagram would be working on the implementation of a new way to add other users. According to affirm from TechCrunch, on Instagram they are testing the operation of the Nametags, a function very similar to those known as Snapcodes .

As you can see in the video that we show you at the end of this article, the new feature we talked about would allow us to add friends with our mobile camera, in a very similar way to Snapchat. For this, the feature would allow us to create a special image using emoji patterns. Next, we would only have to point the camera while using the app to follow someone without having to write their name or wait for the friend request.

Specifically, the function we talked about would greatly facilitate the promotion of our account in different social networks and platforms, since it eliminates the step of having to manually enter the username of the person we would like to follow. In addition, the feature could be extremely useful for business and celebrity accounts.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that it is a developing characteristic, so the official date on which it would be available is unknown. Even so, it would not be surprising if it did not take too long to come to light. Undoubtedly, many of Instagram’s regular users would welcome her with open arms. Then we leave you with a short video showing its operation:

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