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Here’s how the new Gmail will look like!

Excellent news flows from the Google camp, at least unofficially. Well, it turns out that soon we can expect a refreshing of the appearance of their flagship product. Gmail will get new robes.

For a short while, I tried to use the native mail client in macOS, but I quickly abandoned it for my beloved Gmail. Comfort, convenience, the more that I did not always have a private computer with me, and the mail will not work itself. There is not much to talk about, Gmail rules the world of email and that’s it.

Now an additional joy, because probably its new look is ready. This is known due to an accidental leak that was used by the TechCrunch service, announcing these revelations. Of course, the legend says that someone believed it. However, this is not important, because the new interface looks really interesting and what’s interesting, the changes have not only affected the appearance itself. But let me start with him:

Looking at the screenshot and comments that appear on the web, everyone unanimously talks about the similarity to Inbox. But to be more precise, about the merger of the current Gmail and Inbox skins. In fact, you can find similarities.


The whole, however, looks really light and pleasant, but what attracts the most attention is the right part. And there’s a list of tasks instead of faces of our friends and Hangouts chats. If it’s connected to incoming mail, I’m the first person to give up Trello. Google pleeeeease.

Of course, this will be a place not only for the list of tasks but also at least for the calendar (screenshots below).

People are divided into those who keep the purity in their inbox and for the rest of the rest. For these two groups, a new feature will certainly be useful, available after entering the message, allowing to eject the received e-mails. This in practice probably means that after the selected time, it will be marked as unread again. Great idea. For residual tasks arising from the e-mail, I have always kept such messages unread as to remember. Now it will not be necessary. I respect you very much.

Below the message, you can also see the suggested answers. I wonder if they will work also with the Polish interface and what will be their real value.


Unfortunately, this is not known. We can certainly expect soon, if only Google finds out that the idea was good, it will gather all feedback from its controlled leak.

The interface buttons refer to Googling Material Design. The whole is really very clear and clear. It’s hard to talk about revolutions here, but nobody really counts on them, because why change something that works really well? I am personally bothering to use the right part of the view because what is currently in Gmail is for me a pure waste of space.

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