Google's Go Files is now available, all over the world
Google’s Go Files is now available, all over the world

Millions of mobiles are running out of space every day around the world, at which time parents call their children for help, at which time the brothers-in-law appear at the door and the Internet forums scream desperately in search of solutions.

Google wants to help solve this problem, and for that, it recently presented a solution that is already available all over the world: Files Go.

Designed for mobile phones with very little space (even less than 4 gigs), it helps free up space, locate files more quickly and share them easily with other people.

Its main functions are:

– Free space . We get personalized suggestions on what files to delete, whether they are unused applications, large files, duplicate files or memes and low resolution videos detected.
– Search files more quickly. We can find content on our mobile using smart filters that automatically organize images, videos, applications, documents and others.
– Backup of files to the cloud. In the “Files” menu we have the option of making a backup copy of any file in Google Drive or in any other storage application in the cloud.
– Share filesWithout connection. We can send files from smartphone to smartphone without using mobile data. File transfers are encrypted, and they are fast (up to 125 Mbps) and free.

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Since it was put into trial mode, the application has already saved an average of 1 GB of space between its users. Ahroa anyone can install it as long as you have Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.