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Google Maps will implement these 5 new functions

On the first day of Google I / O , a series of new features for Google Maps were announced , which will be implemented in the coming months. A combination of features that will make Google Maps an improved, smarter and more social version.

New design of Explore

The Explore tab will become the center of recommendations and suggestions, based on our location and interests. You just have to choose a particular area, and it will show all the activities, options, events and suggested trend lists.

Google Maps

And for those who like to follow the recommendations of the list, Google Maps will track the progress you have made, for example, “has visited 4 of 12 places ..”

Custom recommendations

We will find a new For You tab, with personalized selections of activities and events near the place where we are, whether it is our home or if we are tourists. Among these suggestions, we will find trends, places or more popular activities, new events, etc.

Google Maps


And of course, we will have the full potential of Artificial Intelligence to show all the options that adapt to our preferences. An interesting option to not miss any news.

Artificial Intelligence to predict if we will like a place

Google uses machine learning to calculate the odds that there is a particular place or activity that we like. As we see in the image, next to each suggestion we will see ” You Match …”

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Google Maps

So we will have a personalized score that will show the degree of affinity we have with a certain place. The percentage is based on the behavior that has been recorded, for example, food preferences, restaurants that we have chosen, drinks, ratings we have granted, etc. And this will change as we continue to use Google Maps, to adapt to our tastes and interests.

And of course, Google Maps will show us the reasons why it establishes the levels of a coincidence that result in the score.

Coordinate outings with friends

One of the interesting functions that will be implemented will make it easier for us to organize with friends or family to enjoy outings. For example, if we want to dine out on the weekend, we can create a private list of the suggested places and share them with our friends. They can see the entire list, add new places and vote on the options they prefer.

Google Maps

A very simple way to analyze all the proposals and reach an agreement with our group of friends, without leaving the application.

Augmented Reality to receive extra information

The user can use the camera of the mobile to obtain more information through augmented reality. This complements the indications that we see in the app, and will help us to orient ourselves more easily.

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Google Maps

As we can see in the image, we can see with the camera, clear indications of where we need to go.

And that same dynamic we can apply in different scenarios, so we will not have excuses that we have lost or wrong way.

They promise that all those functions will be implemented in both iOS and Android.

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