Google Maps is trying to show directions and routes for motorcycles

It is possible that soon we will see a new means of transport in Google Maps, with indications and suggested routes for our mobility.

As mentioned in AP, Google Maps is testing in India, a new dynamic offering directions to travel by motorcycle.

Google Maps

That is, as we currently find options to ask for directions to move by public transport, airplane, on foot, bicycle or car; personalized suggestions were added for users who use the motorcycle as a means of transport.

An interesting integration, since the motorcycle is increasingly used not only as local transport but also by travelers or digital nomads. And like any means of transport has its particularities that can be used to choose faster routes or streets that cannot be traveled by cars.

According to the users who have tried this new option, the dynamics are the same as with the rest of the means of transport, suggesting the best alternatives, taking into account traffic conditions and other details.

A comparison is also shown, showing the estimated travel time with each of the means of transport. At the moment, this test is only available in India, and it is not yet clear if it will be extended to the whole world, or it will be exclusive to some regions.

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