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What is Google Lens and how does it work? 5 Interesting things you can do in

Google Lens Hindi

Now the time has come to be excused, especially for those who do not have pixels!

It’s been almost 10 years since the launch of Google Goggles, the app that gives you more information about real-world objects, just by taking their photos.

Google abandoned this app when it launched Google Science better version of this technology last year. But this app could only use the same users who had expensive pixel phones.

But no longer!

Google has officially started its Lens app available on Android phones, whose phones have Google Photos installed.

This means that now you will be able to scan things through this app to get information like dog breed or flower type.

Google says that the lens is rolling out in the batches, so you can not get instant updates – sorry!

So are you ready for Google Lens?

What are Google Lenses?

Google Lens is a Google app that scans photos taken from your phone’s camera, shows any information about it that you have about it.

It’s basically a type of real-time reverse image-lookup, or you can also say that this is an advanced Augmented-Reality (AR).

With this app, you can learn more about them by scanning the photo from flowers, vegetables to the building.

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So now take a picture of the cheese you want to know more about and scan with this Lens app. Bus! Information will be in front of you.

How to use Google Lens?

If you are an Android user and your phone has a Google Photo App, you can use Google Lens.

Of course, because the Google Photo App can not actually snap a photo itself, so first you need to take that object photo from your phone’s camera, about which you want to know more.

After that open Google’s Photo app.

Google Lens Hindi

Open this photo in the Google Photo app.

Tap on the Lens icon below.

Google Lens Hindi

Depending on how this app recognizes this object, it will provide you a card with relevant information and if applicable, there may be some links, so that you can get additional information.

Google Lens can now help you identify the flowers, nature’s objects, and the food served on your plate. If you are traveling, you can scan photos of historical buildings and get more information about them.

Not only this, you can take a photo of the artwork and also learn about his painter and even see a restaurant review.

5 great things you can do with Google Lens

1) Scan business card for your address book:

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If you have a business card, you do not need to install the app separately in order to save it to your address book.

If you are using Google Lens to scan a business card, then contact the email address, phone number and recognizes the job title and also convert them to text.

Google Lens Hindi

Now by tapping on the Add contact button below, you can save this contact directly in your address book.


2) Get estimates from the cover of the book:

If you are interested in reading books, you can buy a lot of books from online or shop.

So if you want immediate information about a book, then scan it with Google Lens.

Google Lens Hindi

Google lens shows this Information: A summary review (when available) and a quick link to a full Google search.


3) Information from historical buildings or places:

Do you want to know more about a building? Or about landmark? With Google lenses, just take a photo and scan and be amazed!

Google Lens Hindi

So now wherever you go, you can learn more about that place and learn a lot.


4) Become a Botanist:

What kind of tree is that? What kind of flowers are there? Vegetation is not needed to find your eagerness anymore: Google Lens can mostly identify flora.

Google Lens Hindi

It also works on organisms, next time you take your children to the zoo and they want to know more about the lizards, ask the lenses to work.

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5) Use your phone as a scanner:

Google Scans Scanned Bar Code and QR Code on Lens Products

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