Google launches Tour Creator, new tool for the creation of personalized virtual routes



Thanks to the thousands of existing routes for Virtual Reality, the educational sector has been able to know countless places in the world without moving from the classrooms through the Google Expeditions application.

Now, Google wants to go further and, based on the existing demand from the education sector, has just launched Tour Creator , a new tool in which students, teachers, as well as anyone else who wants to generate their own personalized immersive routes, they can create them with great ease and with results of professional level, being able to support well with the images of Google Street View or with the 360º images they have.

All those routes that have already been created can be published on the Poly platform, the Google 3D content library, although later, it will also be possible to import them into the Google Expeditions application.

It is also possible to share the virtual routes created with this tool by integrating them in the websites, allowing more people to enjoy them, being able to know more about some places thanks to what is offered in them.

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With the virtual routes published in Poly, users can make use of them, either directly from their web browser by opening a link or through the Google Cardboard glasses.

This launch has taken place this week and not by chance since the Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated, being Tour Creator a tool basically thought so that educational centers, among other collectives, can create their own personalized virtual routes for use and Enjoy your own communities.