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Google deletes the apps section in the Chrome Web Store

The Google team announced it more than a year ago: Chrome Web Store will no longer show applications for Mac, Windows and Linux users.

This process began to be deployed at the end of 2016, showing newly published applications, only to users of Chrome OS. Although users of other operating systems could continue using existing apps.

And now, the measurement is more forceful, since the section of applications is eliminated. That is, the apps that we have installed will continue to work, but we will not be able to search or install other applications.

Chrome web store

According to the plans that Google has shared, the applications installed in Chrome will stop working definitively, in the first quarter of 2018.

This change has also been reported to developers, who have still published an application in the Chrome Web Store, as some users have shared on Google + .

The reasons for these measures are simple, users no longer use the applications, and Google plans to launch a new type of apps (progressive web apps) that will enrich the user experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that these changes will not affect the extensions or themes suggested in the Chrome Web Store.

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