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Google announces the closure of its popular service:

Google closes
Google announces the closure of its popular service: Google closes
Google is a huge corporation that every day is working on the browsing of services that are welcomed by millions of users around the world. The search engine, yes, stays in the first place – along with Gmail or Photo Mail, which are convenient and extremely affordable. But this is not the end yet because Google has several dozens of various services in its portfolio. One of them is a popular tool for shortening links. And for everyone who uses it on a daily basis, I do not have good news – the company announced the closure of the site …

Google terminates its service to shorten links

The service in question is – of course – A simple tool that even the longest links can shorten beyond recognition. Perfect in its simplicity, fast and extremely trouble-free. However, anonymous users will soon lose access to it – there will be no possibility to set up a new account. Soon, it is already April 13. Others have the opportunity to use it for the next year, ie until the end of March 2019.

A decade – this is how many users will be able to enjoy the benefits of a link shortener from Google. Employees say that closing it is a matter of … changing how users currently approach information transfer – and besides, there are many competitive services that are extremely popular.

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Translation is at least strange to me, but actually, it’s … I should get used to them. Just recall the surprise when the company announced a few years ago that it closes its RSS reader –  Google Reader. And despite the fact that the service was very popular, it was necessary to look for an alternative – fortunately, the proposal chosen by me at that time works perfectly to this day. Also here is the time to look for a worthy deputy.

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