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Gmail’s biggest redesign – includes amazing new features

Gmail's biggest redesign - includes amazing new features
Gmail’s biggest redesign – includes amazing new features

There is a major reshuffle in the world’s most popular email service. Google has not only changed the design of Gmail but has also edited many features in it.

These new features from Google will affect your way of managing your inbox and sending messages to others.

How To Enable New Gmail:

By default this new feature will not be enabled for you. So you have to manually manipulate it. It is very easy to do this.

For this, log in to your Gmail.

Click on the right side gear icon.

Now click on ‘Try the new Gmail’ option.


You will now see a new look of your Gmail Inbox.

If you do not like this new look, then you can go back to the old look. For this, by clicking the gear icon, click on “Go back to classic Gmail” option.

1) Customize your inbox view:

In the new Gmail, you can customize your inbox view. So if you want to, you can decide whether to expand or shrink your inbox.

As soon as you click on the ‘Try the new Gmail’ option from the gear icon, you will see a pop-up of Welcome.

When clicking on the next button, a window appears on the Choose a view.

Gmail New Features 2018 Hindi

Here you will see Default, Comfortable and Compact three options.

If you want to change this option later, click on the top gear icon and click on the display density option.

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Gmail New Features 2018 Hindi


2) Organize them without opening your e-mail:

When your mouse cursor brings to the email, the option’s row will display on the right side of the subject of the email.

Gmail New Features 2018 Hindi

The action of this button contains Archive, Delete, Mark as Read and Snooze options.

These buttons make improvements to the old ways of handling a task. Previously, when I wanted to delete an email from my inbox, I had to click the box on the left side of the message and then click the delete button again.

With inline delete button you can easily delete without having to open a mail of a single click.

3) Confidential Mode:

Confidential Mode are for extra security for you. In this you can set the expiration date for sensitive emails or cancel it completely.

Google does not send this concrete content directly – only a link to this content is sent.

Origen content resides in your mailbox, and the recipient has access to this content through either your Gmail account or if they use any other email service through https.

In both cases, you can decide how long they can access this mess. Basically you are giving a time-limit access license.

Moreover, in Confidential mode, you can also prevent recipient from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing this message.

Are you afraid to send a sensible document in the email because of fear of hacking or forwarded?

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Well, now you can select the security layer of your choice by clicking on the lock icon below the email to enable the new Confidential Mode.

Gmail New Features 2018 Hindi


1) Self-Destructing Emails:

With this feature, you can send mail like this, which disappear from the recipient’s inbox (between one day and five years) that you specify. With this you can revoke anytime after sending them.


2) Un-Forwardable Emails:

Confidential emails are open in a special window that does not allow the recipient to forward, copy or print this email. However recipients can still take a screenshot, or snap a photo from their phone.


3) Two-factor Authentication (2FA):

Along with this you can add Two-factor Authentication to your e-mail for more security. Where the recipients will have to enter a passcode or password will be received from SMS to open this email.

All of these Confidential Mode features also work in e-mail services other than Gmail.


4) Snooze Messages:

Google gives you the ability to snooze email and be more organized when responding to an email.

Therefore, if you see any email whose response can be too long and you can not reply immediately, you can later set the message to snooze.

To snooze the mail, open that message and click the Snooze button at the top.

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Snooz-Gmail New Features 2018 Hindi

Once snoozed, that email will be hid from the inbox and will be visible again at the time you select.

Snooz-Gmail New Features 2018 Hindi

Especially, this feature is good for those users, who often have to respond to multiple mails every day and they can forget to respond to any mail.


5) Nudging:

While snooze emails are manually set to you, nudges are those that are reminded by Google.

After a certain period, Gmail will reproduce unanswered email and ask if you want to reply. There is no information on how much control users will have on this process.

With nudging you will never be able to forget to reply to any mail.


6) Smart Reply:

With Smart Reply, Gmail suggests three responses to the message you received. Of these, you can choose one, tweak it, or ignore all three and write your own. Machine Learning gives suggestions according to your writing style.


7) Integrate G Suite:

With these new features of Gmail, Google has integrated G Suite for you, which is visible in the right side bar.

Gmail New Features 2018 Hindi

Now you can quickly create Calendar invites with G Suite or manage the to-dos list.

And the best part is that for this you do not need to switch from Gmail.

You can see the G Suite panel in the right side.

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