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“Game developers have PlayStation 5 devkits”: news from your finger, or some information?

Game developers have PlayStation 5 devkits
Game developers have PlayStation 5 devkits

Rumors, leaks, and announcements of next generations of consoles always awaken the imagination. It is natural that developers who prepare games for the premiere of equipment must have access to it in advance. And rumor has it that there are already creators in the world who have dev Kits PS5 in their hands . A rumor that no one can really confirm, but … actually there is no reason not to believe in it.

PlayStation 5 is in the hands of game developers?

The news that the PlayStation 5 devkits are already in the hands of developers comes from Marcus Sellars. It was from him that we learned about  Switch Diablo III . It was also from him that news that this year’s edition of Call of Duty will be Black Ops 4, previously also revealed the date of the latest Nintendo Direct (yes, today!). And now he also said that there are already developers, also from external studies who have access to  PlayStation 5- of course in the form of a devxit. Which means that they only know more or less what can be expected in hardware on the new device. They have no idea about its appearance – and the machine they got is slightly stronger than the final version. They can, however, slowly begin to get acquainted with the local architecture and slowly start to create games that will hit the market with the release of the equipment – or a short moment later.

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Philosophy or some information about PlayStation 5?

People accuse him of divining tea leaves and so-called fake news, they ask for the source. Honestly – I approach this information with quite a reserve, because you do not need to have super contacts in the industry to be able to suspect that Sony has been working hard to work on the new generation of its console for some time. Which means that actually devkits may have already hit some creators. However, pleading for secret sources sometimes falls out miserably, the more that after Sellars’s words there are accusations that he would get this information from the ResetEra forum … or simply deduce. Therefore, in the place of waiting for the newest generation of game consoles – I would not take it for granted. Despite the perfectly planned date of Nintendo Direct ;-).

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