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Gallery, Google’s new collaborative tool for developers

Gallery, Google's new collaborative tool for developers
Gallery, Google’s new collaborative tool for developers

Gallery is currently the last of the tools that Google has made available to developers free of charge for the development of products that use the Material Design design standard.

Available both on the web ( and through a mobile application (Material Gallery)for Android and iOS, this new tool tries to offer a collaborative space where developers can receive comments from other developers about the designs of those products that are being carried out, both web and mobile applications, also having the possibility of accessing other available resources for the integration of design components of the Material Design design standard in their products.

For this, developers will only have to upload screenshots, sketches or any other image related to the design of their products, either at the stage they are in, to make them available to the rest of the members that have joined their group, to that they can issue their own comments about it.

In addition to the comments of other developers, Material also has functions to monitor progress in the design of products under development, allowing to know all the changes that are made in this regard quickly and efficiently.

This new tool is complemented with other tools that developers already have at their disposal, as is the case of the Materials editor, where developers have the ability to create visual themes for their products based on the aforementioned design standard, with the possibility of Add personal items that can mark your own identity.

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