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This free tool will find unsafe devices on your Wi-Fi network

Bitdefender Home Scanner Hindi

Nowadays, in almost every home, users have configured their wireless network so that many devices connect to search for useful information, communicate or make online payments.

But users are not aware that their devices can be vulnerable to WiFi, and intruders can be very easy to penetrate WiFi security. Their devices can be easily accessed and their personal information may be stolen. Except this, it can also be a cause of financial loss.

Are you really worried that your Smart-Home and Internet-connected devices can be weak to stop the attack? If so, then the world’s best antivirus has brought a solution for you.

Bitdefender Home Scanner:

Bitdefender Home Scanner This is a home Wi-Fi scanner designed by Bitdefender, designed to scan all the devices connected to your router.

This smart tool not only scans all devices connected to Wi-Fi, but also displays whether they have any security errors or not.

Not only that, every time an unknown device is connected to your home wireless network, it also gives you a warning.

Bitdefender This security program is totally free, but for this it is necessary that you open an account with your e-mail in Bitdefender.

Download: Bitdefender Home Scanner

When you download Bitdefender Home Scanner from the above link, you have to install it.

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After the installation process has ended, you will need to log in with your e-mail ID in Bitdefender. If you have not already created an account, then you have to signup here.

After this, the configuration wizard will start.

The address of your configured home network will run automatically

Bitdefender Home Scanner Hindi

If your home network is not correct, then you get the option of choosing another network. This can happen when your PC is connected to several devices.

When you select your home network, this tool will start scanning all the devices connected to this network.

After scanning for all the devices connected to the network, each device found will be visible to you with their name, IP address, Last Scanned and Status.

Bitdefender Home Scanner Hindi

From this list, you will know which devices are detected as they are PCs, smartphones, game consoles or router.

When you click on any device from a list, you will find more details about it, such as manufacturer and MAC address

Bitdefender Home Scanner Hindi


You get an alert whenever an unknown device connects to your Wi-Fi.

Bitdefender Home Scanner Hindi

By clicking on SCAN NOW for sensitivity, you can check that device for security.When scanning is complete, there will be a status display in this way.

Bitdefender Home Scanner Hindi

Or you can block it immediately from your router.

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