How to flirt effectively, we will teach you.

Flirting is a game. We determine what are its rules and betray master tactics. Find out how to become a pick-up champion.

how to flirt with a guyFlirting is an art that we will teach you.

We interviewed experts who deal with body language every day to betray a few patents for effective transmission of what we do not want to communicate with words using body language. In addition, we reviewed the latest research on flirtations and asked in the survey about your effective ways for a successful date. The most interesting information can be found below.

Good plan

A handsome hunk in the bar caught your eye? Make eye contact with him. Slowly count to three, smile and then start attacking. I checked. It works.

Hearts up!

A good bra raises not only the bust but also self-confidence. And it’s up to 75%! Research conducted at the University of Manchester showed that the appropriate underwear makes us feel more attractive. Even if he does not see her.

You can improve underwear with your underwear or, on the contrary, make things worse. Specify the type of your figure and choose the best underwear – you will feel sexy and comfortable. Check how to choose lingerie for the figure.

Body language – expresses more than a thousand words

Mira Gupta, a specialist in non-verbal communication, explains how to send a message without using words.

  • Show him that you are having fun. 
    Do this: Brush his hand or gently touch the arm. 
    Not this: Moving the center of gravity from one foot to the other makes you look as if you are bored.

  • Make him ask for your number. 
    Do it:  Stand straight ahead (move your feet towards him). It’s a signal that you’re interested in another meeting. 
    Do not:  Avoid standing or sitting at his side.

  • Show that you do not want to be just his buddy. 
    Do it: Subtle brushes the area around your neck. 
    Do not do it:  Do not pat him on the back. Guys take this as a fellowship, and you want to avoid that.

Is red bad?

72% of women and 65% of men, standing at traffic lights, are looking for eye contact with other drivers or passengers. Maybe you can travel faster on the green wave, but remember that red has always been the color of flirting.

Hot line

Do you already have his number? Now get to know the rules of SMS flirtation.

  1.  You only reply to one message once.
  2.  Texting is not an essay. Your messages should be concise (and certainly shorter than his).
  3.  Be brave (“You were dreaming yesterday.) It was a very pleasant dream …”).
  4.  Do not overdo it with the faces and shortcuts. They are not understandable to everyone.

Macintosh recommendations

Researchers from Northern Illinois University have reported that men often imagine themselves too much and that the most ordinary flirt can be treated as an invitation to sex. Flick at work According to the researchers, innocent flirting at work improves friendships and increases the level of happiness while reducing stress.

“Before the date in the right mood puts me energetic music, and confidence add sensual scents.”

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