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Fat burning workout – Best training to burn fat

You do not have to spend long hours in the fitness club, so that the unwanted supplies of fat disappear without a trace. Intense training will be better, which will shape your figure in a really expressive pace.

Fat burning workout - Best training to burn fat
Fat burning workout – Best training to burn fat

The way to a narrow waist and a flat stomach is based on one simple rule: you want to lose a few kilos, you need to burn more calories than usual. This short training program, consisting of only 4 exercises, will allow you to put this principle into practice without any miracle diets or spending hours in the gym.

In each of these exercises – easy only until you try them – you overcome gravity by lifting your body and cushioning its landing. The result? “For 15 minutes, many muscles of your body work hard at once, and unnecessary fat burns out faster than in the smelting furnace.

Four steps to the flat stomach – exercises for burning

Do 12 to 16 repetitions of each exercise, resting 15 seconds between them (with the stopwatch in hand!). Once you have done all 4, rest 1 minute and repeat it two more times.

Do this training 3 times a week or whenever you indulge yourself at the table, or just feel that you should dump something. Go to the next page and start training. 

Exercise 2: jump with the crotch

Stand slightly apart with the arms on the sides of the torso (a). Jump up, moving your arms above your head and making a split in the air. Land on your feet set sideways, knees out, and do squat (b). Quickly return to the starting position. This is one repetition. 

Exercise 3: quarter-turn jump

Start with the squat (a), then jump up, swinging your arms over your head and turning in the air 90 degrees to the left (b). Land to the squat (c), then jump out, turning to the right. This is one repetition.

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