Far Cry 5: sales record for the latest Ubisoft

Ubisoft is proud to announce that millions of people have already joined the resistance to liberate the region of Hope County in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 already on top of sales!

Available for a few days now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, the new Far Cry 5 is the joy of players … as well as its parent Ubisoft. Indeed, the French giant announces today that sales of this new opus are already twice higher than those made by Far Cry 4 during the first week of operation. It’s simple, Far Cry 5 is now the fastest-selling title in franchise history.


On the distribution side, Ubisoft says that digital sales alone account for more than 50% of all sales, which is relatively huge. Note that despite his fateful start, Far Cry 5 is not the best launch of a game Ubisoft, and it comes to wedge just behind a certain The Division. ”  We are grateful to all the newcomers and fans of the series who have joined us in Hope County. They made our community grow,  “says Alain Corre, Executive Director of Ubisoft Europe & Middle East.

Ubisoft also announces that Far Cry 5 players have broadcast more than 55,000 hours of Twitch content, with YouTube videos that already have over 117 million views. Records for a title Ubisoft during its launch week, which are the proof of the positive impact of the content generated by users to convince other players to join the community. ”  We are honored by the warm welcome Far Cry has received and we are motivated to support the Far Cry community’s development in the coming months and years,  ” said Dan Hay, executive producer of the game.

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Recall that Far Cry 5 immerses players in the heart of a Montana-inspired region in Hope County. A rather peaceful town in appearance, but led by a cult survivalist fanatics, the Eden’s Gate Project, led by a Joseph Seed. Recall that Far Cry 5 had created a vast controversy during its announcement in May 2017, accused by the American right to be a game openly ”  anti-Christian “.

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