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Facebook will tell you if Cambridge Analytica had your data

After the scandal that a former Cambridge Analytica employee has recently caused, the voices are not silent. The company could use up to 87 million Facebook users. The social network will now warn people who may have suffered in this incident.

I have been writing about Facebook and their “rather loose” approach to data rumors in Chris Wylie in March. He worked for Cambridge Analytica – a company that specializes in marketing aimed at specific personality types. However, to get this data, illegally, in a manner reminiscent of the action of the virus, used the quiz application of this is your digital life on Facebook.

It is the users who fell victim to the said game and its similar – potentially as many as 87 million people (!) – Facebook began to warn about the possibility of violation of their privacy. These people will see a special link on the site, through which you can go to the settings of individual applications. There, every “infected” person is to be informed that “a site named XXX has been blocked because it could share your information with Cambridge Analytica.”

Are these enough steps from Facebook? Absolutely not. First and foremost, the time at which the company informs endangered users is unacceptable. The exact number of people whose data has been exposed or used is still not provided.

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On Wednesday Mark Zuckerberg will be speaking in this matter in Congress. Leaks say that the boss and creator of Facebook will want to take all the blame for the scandal on himself. This applies not only to Cambridge Analytica and unauthorized access to user data by applications but also to how Facebook can not cope with the fake news, hate speech or attempts to influence US elections (and who knows where else).

– It’s my mistake and I apologize for it. I created Facebook, I manage it and I am responsible for what is happening on it – Zuckerberg is to say on Wednesday. He will also probably emphasize the increased emphasis on platform security – both in terms of moderating content, broader regulations for advertisers, and data confidentiality.

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