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Facebook launches Facebook Workplace chat applications for Windows and Mac

Facebook launches Facebook Workplace
Facebook launches Facebook Workplace

Facebook WorkPlace

On the Facebook website, the download links are available to install the company chat on Windows and Mac computers, focused on the product Workplace, how to make the competition Slack.

This is not a Facebook Messenger and yes a way to facilitate communication within Workplace without relying on the web browser.

The desktop chat application has a panel that shows the conversations that we made, being possible to find them using an integrated search engine. It has options to share photos, videos, voice clips, emoji and GIF, and allows to display notifications every time we receive some kind of content from other people.

The chat can also share screen with other users, either full screen as a region or specific application.

Vanessa Chan, a spokeswoman for Workplace by Facebook, said they are still in the beta version, which is being tested by Workplace customers, who make comments to improve the functionality offered before the global launch.

Anyone can install the beta applications at this time, being only necessary to have Windows 7 or higher or MacOS 10.9 (Mavericks).

Facebook’s bid for its new product, Workplace, is strong. All big companies want to compete with Slack in the world of business communication, and those that offer more resources, without losing usability, will be the winners.

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