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Everything about Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Closer to perfection or boredom?

samsung galaxy note 9
Everything about Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Closer to perfection or boredom?
Twice a year, Samsung presents its flagship. First, we meet new representatives of the Galaxy S series, while in the second half we are witnessing the premiere of the next generation Galaxy Note. Everything indicates that during the UNPACKED conference in New York, which will take place on August 9, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be shown. What do we know about it?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – an extremely familiar look

If something is great, why change it? Exactly with this approach, Korean designers approached the task of creating the construction of the upcoming high-end, faithfully adhering to the principle of major changes every two years. Since Galaxy S9 looked like S8, Note 9 must be similar to Note 8. Yes, it means a very elegant shape of glass and aluminum, but some people would already expect a bigger revolution.

At the front, we can not see any news at all. In the back, a few things will change, and this is about placing a fingerprint scanner. The reader will be moved below the dual camera module, which I definitely consider a plus, although it is a pity that there will not be an ultrasound solution located directly on the screen. We will have to wait for this until the premiere of Galaxy S10. It is worth noting here that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is to be the last model of the company equipped with an iris scanner – unfortunately, few people fell in love with this option, so the company slowly resigns from it.

The phone is to be available in the following color variants: black, gray, blue, violet and brown.

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Few areas for corrections

Without a doubt, the Galaxy Note series is absolutely the highest shelf in the segment of Android mobile devices. This requires the manufacturer to offer the best possible components and they have been doing the job exemplary for years. The new generation will naturally receive a layout straight from the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. It will be Exynos 9810 with eight cores: four proprietary 2.9 GHz and four ARM Cortex A55 1.9 GHz; and graphics ARM Mali G72MP18 (or Snapdragon 845 for USA and South Korea). Up to 8 GB of RAM will appear in the set (finally!), And on our data we will get UFS 2.1 built-in memory from 128 to 512 GB with the possibility of expanding using microSD cards! Recent news indicates that in selected markets, unfortunately not European ones, there will be such a capacious variant, although I am most concerned about its potential price.

samsung galaxy note 9

The Super AMOLED screen will still have 18.5: 9 aspect ratio and Quad HD + resolution (2960 x 1440 pixels), but it will grow with respect to the panel from the predecessor. The company will decide to enlarge the display to 6.4 inches. A small change, but in the case of the model created for work, it seems to be a sensible step. Personally, I am most glad about the increased battery, which was a delicate profession in Note 8. I was talking about 3850 mAh before, but the document already has 4000 mAh, so we can count on the theme of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the end it will match the Huawei Mate series. I personally enjoy it very much. The predecessors in this topic did not dominate, unless we go back to the distant times and the Galaxy Note II. If that was not enough, along with this phone we will also know a new induction charger. It’s about the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo, allowing you to refill your energy in two phones at the same time, or your smartphone and smartwatch. Naturally, it will be compatible with any device that uses Qi technology.

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samsung galaxy note 9

Of course, the housing will still be  closedS-Pen stylus. The biggest structural change is to be adding a Bluetooth module to it and introducing a yellow stylus into the blue version, which will be a novelty in this line. It is worth noting that the same stylus will also appear in Galaxy Tab S4. What features will he offer? The first will allow you to stop and releasing songs, the second will use the physical button as the camera shutter. Especially the latter is good for taking a selfie. In addition, we will be able to unlock our equipment at a distance, and the company will also take care of S-Pena in more applications. It is also promising that we will be able to set different actions assigned to a single or double click of a button in the stylus. In my opinion, this will be the biggest news since the beginning of these smartphones.

In addition, this model will be able to boast of stereo speakers, a dual camera with S9 +: 12 Mpix zf / 1.5-2.4 and 12 Mpix zf / 2.4; 8MP front camera, LTE category 18, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 or dual band WiFi. In this respect, special surprises do not get ready.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – what will the company do?

samsung galaxy note 9

The price for launching the 6/64 GB variant in Poland will probably amount to PLN 4,299. The amount is large, but in return we will get a great flagship with Android 8.1 Oreo, which will be difficult to fault. What’s more interesting, it will be the first smartphone from Bixby 2.0. Apparently, it will be better to process user commands and listen to them more effectively – we will see what this will mean in practice. For now, a refined model is being prepared, a gentle step forward in relation to its predecessor. First of all, it will improve in terms of working time and will be able to delight with the improved stylus. I think this is enough, because the base is so successful that it would be difficult to demand even more from it. However, I still have a quiet hope that the company has some ace in the sleeve and the conference, however, will surprise us with something.

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It is worth mentioning here that in Korea the first reports about the desire to combine Galaxy S and Note series appear, which differ with each other less and less. I think replacing S Plus Notem would be a hit.

* Graphics come from cgtrader  and are based on previous leaks, CAD files and photos.

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