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Earn Money Start A YouTube Channel

Way No 1 – Earn Money Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel is the best way of making money online and needs no funding.
YouTube gets nearly 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the web.
Felix Kjellberg, the owner of PewDiePie (a YouTube account), has earned 12 million in 2015 by working on a single YouTube channel.
You can also see such success if you capitalize on the chance that YouTube provides us at present.

Earn Money Start A YouTube Channel
Earn Money Start A YouTube Channel

Suitable For –

Individuals who like to create videos, like to speak in front of a camera, shoot documentaries or brief films.

Skills Required –

Ability to create a video utilizing software program tools or document a video using your cell phone or camcorder.

Time Required For Starting A YouTube Channel-

Virtually you can begin within minutes. You will have to go to, create a channel and add videos.

Ideas –

1. Create a YouTube channel around a selected theme similar to Humor, Tutorial, Recipe, and so on. Do not simply go out create any random unrelated videos channel.
For e.g. If you love gadgets you may create a gadget critiques channel where you may submit overview videos of the newest devices and help folks to determine whether or not its a proper choice for them.
2. Choose a theme in which you are actually. Analyze different videos related to your niche, see what number of views these videos get.
It should help you to get an overview of how many people are excited about your theme.
3. Usually, more the views more useful the theme is. As extra people are trying to find it.
4. Take a look at if there’s any lacking idea in the currently present videos related to your theme.
You’ll be able to cover these ideas in your videos to fetch more views.
5. Give your finest to have interaction along with your viewers. Examine feedback people leave on your videos, study the hidden expectations that your viewers have from you.
6. Attempt to find out what they like about your videos and what they do not. Study which videos get the highest retention rate and discover the explanations behind them.
7. Spy in your competitors and attempt to model the issues which might be working for them. However never attempt to copy them, at all times preserve your uniqueness.
8. At all times try to improvise every new video from the last one.
So when you look at your first videos after few years, it is best to suppose aww how dangerous I used to be earlier.
That is a signal; it reveals that you have improved.
9. Experiment, experiment, and experiment. By no means worry to try something new and see the way it works.
Experiments are the one way where you could find new and thrilling stuff which might catapult you way ahead of your competitors.
10. Lastly, try to collaborate with different YouTuber’s who’re doing comparable work.
Be taught their strategies and mindset. Working collectively can do wonders in your channel.
11. Have fun. Do the things that you simply love and enjoy your life.

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How To Monetize –

Earn Money Start A YouTube Channel
Earn Money Start A YouTube Channel

The general rule for monetization in YouTube is very easy. More views your videos get, the extra money you will earn.
You will simply need to enable the monetize option in your YouTube channel settings.
It is rather easy.

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